Sunday, November 28, 2010

A White Thanksgiving in Greenwood

We spent an enjoyable Thanksgiving in Lynden with the Eides. Bjorn and Jenny weren't there as they went down to Oregon, though we were able to connect on the road as they made their way down and we made our way up with Markus. Kay's family from Tonasket came over the Cascades, so it was an Eide/Pridmore event. We awoke Thanksgiving to a thick blanket of snow which kept thickening as the day went on. I could not recall ever having a white Thanksgiving, though Esther vouches for such in her imaginary childhood:) We visited my Mom a couple of times which is always an emotional challenge as she responds less and less each time. We did not participate in the Black Friday frenzy, though we did do something uncharacteristic in that we watched seven hours of football in one day. Ending our weekend back in Southworth, we had the unexpected surprise of connecting and having dinner with Doug and Merri Monkemeier who pastored at Harper when we first came to Southworth. It was good catching up on one another's lives and families.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Southworth Storm

This week Kitsap County was blasted with ice and wind. For some reason Kitsap got the brunt of the wind Monday night. With over 50,000 customers out of power for over 24 hours, we were one of thousands of households coaxing the room temperature with gas and wood to ward off pipe freeze, let alone occupant freeze. In our midday walk through Southworth on Tuesday, Esther and I came across this unfortunate casualty of the storm. I had a hunch this cabin cruiser wouldn't hold its mooring off Olympiad Drive. This is the second cabin cruiser that 'bit the dust' or rather 'smashed the rocks' in Southworth this fall. While sailboats seem to weather the storms a little better, these tubs are not sleek enough to cut through wind and wave. My marine treasure is safely moored beside the house. Now that the power is back on, we will head to Lynden for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A new house for the Carlsons

This weekend I helped Frank and Sheri Carlson move into their new home. Frank and Sheri are in our small group and are long time Harperites, though recently married. The new house is built on Frank's family property overlooking Sinclair Inlet. HIs parents lived on the property in a small post war cottage. The new house has some unique 'small man' features including some short counters in the kitchen and a short commode. There are great views from the living, dining, kitchen and bedroom. This couple deserves to enjoy this great new house.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Blog site facelift

Having very little blogworthy news to share this week, I decided to give my blog site a long overdue facelift. Using blogger's new template designer, it was easy to add a little more pizzaz to the site. Esther has been enjoying the new MacBook Air while I have been dealing with some issues with my 'faithful' MacBook. One highlight of the past week was having missionaries Dan and Carrie Ritzman at our small group. They are missionaries in Belgium serving Iranian refugees. It was interesting to learn more about the Ritzman's ministry and this unique ethnic group with it's rich history and culture, as well as the people's great hunger for the gospel.