Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gray Saturday

The dismal rain of Saturday morning reflected the mood of Greenwood. After a joyful family Thanksgiving, the inevitable death of a long-loved pony hung over the compound like the drizzly clouds. 'Little Bit' was given to Marika twelve years ago. Little did we know that his presence would spark an equestrian explosion on the Eide compound. It wasn't long before Little Bit's hooves could not compete with Marika's riding fever. More proficient horses were added to the family, but Little Bit held prominence in the affections of his owner. He was lovingly cared for in his retirement. At thirty-eight, he had outlived many of his peers, and had a good life, as ponies go. But time had taken it's toll on Little Bit's hooves and his feet were in constant pain. It was an agonizing family decision to put him out of his misery. Before the vet put him to sleep, it was decided that Ada needed to have her first 'horse ride'. She was all over the hairy mane and was not her usual photogenic self. After the grim deed was done, we consoled ourselves with a family trip to Ikea and a 3D Imax experience of 'A Christmas Carol' On the brighter side of the weekend, there were hours of good family time and visits with the Kangs, Peakes and Haehnels.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleepy in Southworth

I was going to entitle this post: 'blogless in Southworth', as it has been a few weeks since the last post. For some reason I couldn't come up with anything blog worthy; which is not to say that anything on this site is 'blog worthy.' Anyway, Esther and I did have some excitement yesterday as we found a replacement for our bed of 32 years, which was actually Esther's for 45 years or so. It was her grandmother's bed set, and seemed a bit of an antique and good enough. (not that we didn't replace the mattresses a few times) Esther has been keeping an eye on craigslist canopy beds for some time, and so it was inevitable that she would eventually find one and negotiate a dutchman price. We drove to Bellevue and even rented a trailer to bring the prize home. Although we've prided ourselves in being content with a full size bed all these years, a 50 year old wife with hot flashes makes me appreciate the extra few inches a queen size supplies. (Some nights a king wouldn't be big enough). Well, our new bed sleeps well and I can only hope we'll still be around to enjoy this one for 32 more years!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Grandma Shower

Esther was given a few surprises this weekend. Her friends had planned a surprise 'grandma shower' on Sunday, with Ada and Jenny coming for an unannounced visit. But as the time approached, the thought of only seeing Ada and Jenny for a couple of hours seemed too much to bear; so on Saturday, Bjorn, Jenny and Ada came for an 'unplanned' visit. The shower was a big surprise for 'Farmor,' and she had a blast as they told stories and presented gifts for grandma's stock pile of granddaughter equipment. Meanwhile, as the ladies partied, Bjorn helped me haul out my boat and mooring system for the winter. We had a beautiful afternoon for our endeavor on the water, and were successful on all accounts.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Project Doubtfire

Project Doubtfire
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Don's curly locks will be disappearing this weekend; but not before the girls in our class had a chance for 'Project Doubtfire.' In preparation for the harvest carnival Friday night, the girls bought supplies for a 'makeover' of Mr. Moore into 'Ms. Moore' Don played along as they fussed over attire, accessories and make-up. The result was pretty impressive, but He makes a pretty ugly woman