Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Cascade Loop for Anniversary

We waited until the last minute to decide on a destination for our anniversary weekend this year. We had Victoria on our mind, but we wanted to wait to see what the weather brought. As the weekend approached, it became evident that a dry weather destination would be preferable. Booking a stay late meant that there wasn't much available in Leavenworth. So we decided to do Leavenworth on Saturday, stay in Pateros in a motel that we really enjoy, and then go to Winthrop on Sunday and return on the North Cascades Highway. A couple of hours in Leavenworth was enough and then it was off to pick up our annual box of apples at Smallwood Orchard. Esther always enjoys some time at the antique mall in Cashmere, so I got an afternoon nap in the car. The sunny weather held through the evening as we enjoyed a walk and dinner in Pateros. The next morning we made our way through the Methow Valley to Winthrop. It had been at least ten years since we last visited and decided that not much had changed. Esther did find a decorative treasure in one of the stores and we got to watch the first half of the Seahawks humiliating Jaguars in a Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, the pass was clouds and rain, though we caught a few glimpses of the majestic mountains towering the highway.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We spent another Labor Day weekend hanging out at the Cain Lake and having a shellfish BBQ. Weather was better than expected, which gave the swimmers and boaters lots of time in the water. Everyone was able to make it for part of the weekend. Markus and Steph had to miss the BBQ and of course Calvin was in Japan; but we did get to Skype him at the cabin. It looks like we will start school on time this week though we had a nervous week as the teachers had voted to strike if a contract was not agreed on by September. Fortunately, the union and district had a tentative agreement by Friday night, and everyone could enjoy the weekend.