Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jenny gets her 'sail'

Jenny finally got in a good sail. For the past few years she has been waiting for a good Southworth sail. She has been out on the boat a few times, but the wind has never been too cooperative. This weekend provided the conditions for a perfect sail. Bjorn got to skipper his dad's new boat for the first time as well. I repaired the rudder this week after an adventurous mishap last weekend, and the boat handled well. After saying a goodbye to Markus on Friday night, Esther and I had twelve hours of empty nest before Bjorn, Jenny and Ada came for a visit. Jenny and Ada had just flown in from Georgia for a visit with Jenny's sister Jill and new baby Jackson. it was good to hear about the two young mothers comparing notes. Esther and I got our 'Ada fix' this weekend. But now it's time for the real empty nest.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

final hike of the season

After two disappointing rain checks, we finally had gorgeous weather to go hiking with Keven and Martha. Hurricane Ridge put us in the high country; and after a picnic lunch, we took the Mount Angeles saddle trail for great views of the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I also talked the others into driving the eight mile one way dirt road out to Obstruction Point. The drive, while somewhat precarious for the passengers, provided panoramic views of the valleys and peaks. It was great to catch up with Keven and Martha and enjoy the beauty of PNW.

Friday, September 11, 2009

IMA Olympics

Our classroom started out the year with the IMA Olympics. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and sunny. The students designed flags to represent their tables in preparation for the games. After an opening ceremony, the games began. The exciting competition included disc golf, 'blindfold' and 'old clothes' relays. The climax of the games was the 'water cup relay' where tables leaders held empty bottles on their heads while table members tried to fill them with dixie cupfuls. Otter pops and music closed the games. The afternoon went a long way in building teamwork and camaraderie, which we trust will pay off in the classroom. Check out more pics at the 'classroom blog.'

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Calvin is off

On Saturday, Calvin embarked on his college voyage aboard the Trinity Western vessel. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday in various orientation meetings. Calvin is excited to be in the international dorm. He has a Chinese roommate and is surrounded by students from a variety of countries. Esther and I were again impressed with how great an institution Trinity Western has become. The school is quickly distinguishing itself among Canadian Universities and maintains a strong evangelical perspective. Seeing our last child off to college is one of life's big transitions, and Esther did not survive it without shedding some tears. We spent the remainder of the Labor Day weekend with family in Lynden. My siblings and I made the painful decision to move my mother to the next level of care. It is hard to watch her continual mental confusion and uncharacteristic aggressive behavior. Monday was spent with the Eide clan at the cabin. We were able to get our granddaughter fix before starting back to school.