Friday, February 22, 2013


post-op by Southworth Sailor
post-op, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

After years of wiping away tears and having to carry kleenex around, I submitted my eye to the doctor's knife. A procedure called a 'dacryocystorhinostomy' constructs alternate tear ducts and routes them into the nasal passage through a newly produced opening. On Thursday, Esther brought me to the surgery center in Silverdale to take care of business. The surgery went well I assume, since I was under general anesthesia. All was going well in the recovery room when I suddenly felt very faint. Soon doctors and nurses were swarming my bed as I passed out, much to Esther's watching horror. My heart rate had dropped to the low 30s in some sort of reaction to pain or anesthesia. Once I was stabilized by an assortment of intravenous substances, the anesthesiologist informed us that it probably occurred because my normally low heart rate doesn't have much room to decrease. (One of the hazards of a runner) After a couple of hours on waiting to make sure I would be OK, they released me to go home and recover. I sure hope that this did the trick!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick trip to Bend

Drake Park, Bend by Southworth Sailor
Drake Park, Bend, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Marti and four girlfriends utilized our house as a ladies getaway, so we naturally had to get out of town for Presidents Day weekend. We made a quick trip to Bend, stopping in Portland the first night, walking through downtown and finding not only one but two Voodoo Donut lines. The next day it was on to Oregon's winter vacation Mecca. Though winter recreation seemed to be on the tourist's minds, the weather was quite spring like. We spent quite a bit of time walking, shopping and dining in the downtown area. While our drive to Bend took us past Mt. Hood and some winter driving conditions, our trip home found us heading north to the Columbia River and enjoying the scenery. We even had time to explore Trout Lake (Steph's US home town) and then some dinner in Hood River.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Ruby turns two

Ruby in fox mask by Southworth Sailor
Ruby in fox mask, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

The highlight of this past weekend was not the Super Bowl. It didn't even take place in 'the big easy'; but in Greenwood (a southern suburb of Lynden) Ruby Jean Bulthuis turned two years old. Her party had a woodland animal theme. The Greenwood women did it up good again, with decorations, animal masks and birthday treats in a woodland theme. The cake was another work of art by auntie Marti. Guests included the Greenwood gang and Ruby's friend, Estelle and her parents. Ruby seemed to enjoy the evening immensely and Ada did a great job of not interfering with the spot light. The weekend was topped off with some woodland ravens taking care of some old prospectors.