Monday, May 30, 2011

A laid back Memorial weekend

After a busy Spring, we were ready for a quiet weekend in Southworth. Esther and I were able to get some much needed yard work accomplished and I pulled the boat out of storage and tinkered with it some. On Sunday night Mike and Marti came down for a visit on their way to pick up Marika from Canyonview in Oregon. Monday afternoon we went to Bremerton waterfront area and took a long walk. We ate outside at the new Bremerton Bar and Grill which we enjoyed. We were fortunate to have a dry Memorial weekend this year.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dodging the bullet

As I drove to the coast through the steady rain early Saturday, I resigned myself to an inevitable wet camping experience with our fifth graders. We have been fortunate over the last ten or so years of Neah Bay trips to only have one or two wet experiences, and they were not fun. However, my fears were unwarranted as we evaded the rain once again and had a great trip to Shi Shi Beach and an evening camping at Makah Bay. My pessimism once again returned at 5 am Sunday as rain pelted the tent. But we dodged the bullet as it stopped raining and we enjoyed a great breakfast and hike to Cape Flattery. The students were great and the parents a great help. Another successful Neah Bay trip for the books.

Monday, May 16, 2011


MSP 2011 by Southworth Sailor
MSP 2011, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Another year of MSP testing was completed today. This year was marked by the great pencil fiasco. On the first day of testing, all students in the school were given special pencils for the tests. Somewhere in the ordering process #2 1/2 pencils were shipped to the school and no one caught it until the students had started testing. Some of my students commented, but I figured that the testing coordinator would not have given them out if they weren't kosher. Anyway, once the mistake was discovered, it was school wide panic. Calls were made to the state testing office and we were told to have the students erase their answers and remark them with #2 pencils. District personnel scurried to the building, combing over each test to make sure the correct pencil lead was used on every question. We hope that the incident does not invalidate the tests. Most likely not, but it made the first day exciting to say the least. I have high hopes for our fifth graders who took math, reading and science tests. My collaborative 5th grade teaching buddies put meal wagers on whose class will have a higher percent of passage. It's a bit of a can't lose because winner buys the meal; but I hope I'm buying!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ready for new tenants

The last couple of months have been consumed with fixing up our former residence for new renters. Seven years of negligent renters and pets left the place in sad shape. We totally resurfaced the inside of the house. All walls and ceilings were painted. All sills, trim, wood floors, baseboards and some cabinets were refinished. All the carpet and vinyl was replaced. It feels like a new house and looks inviting to move back into. Needless to say, all spare time not at work was spent working on the house. It is finally complete! The new renter moved in today with the help of her church small group. We are excited to have Tracey Robinson and her children, Ryan and Emily in our house. Tracey comes with several strong recommendations from friends that we trust. We are optimistic that it will be a good situation. The only thing that made it easy to work at the rental and miss out on spring boat preparations was the lousy weather that we have had the past two months. Now that I can enjoy it, I hope the weather finally turns.!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Discovery Park - Mother's Day

After working hard at the rental house on Friday and Saturday, Esther and I needed a break from Southworth for Mother's Day. We went over to Seattle and picked up Markus and Steph. We ate at an Indian restaurant in Ballard and then went on a hike at Discovery Park. The weather was just nice enough for a walk along the top of Magnolia Bluff and to the lighthouse below. We ended the afternoon at a Starbucks in Magnolia. Markus begins a new job this week downtown at a law firm transcribing claims. Steph is looking forward to graduation next month and seeing her parents.