Monday, August 14, 2017

Crescent Bar with the Eides

Mikal and Kay were on a mission this summer to get the Eide clan together for a camping trip.  Esther and I are no longer eager campers because of too many cold/wet experiences, so we were glad the decision was made to stay on the Columbia River.  Every one made it besides Kelsey and the Corvallis crowd.  Four dogs kept things interesting.  We had a great time with hot though sometimes windy weather. Mikal rented a ski boat which ended up being our entertainment for the weekend.   We packed just about everyone in including the dogs sometimes, and took long rides up and down the river; swimming, soaking, beaching on the sandbar and even a little wake boarding.  I had to swallow my sailors pride and admit that I enjoyed the motorboat.  The food was great and plentiful and Esther and I enjoyed the Sienna RV while everyone else was in tents.  The trip made a great ending to our summer as Esther started work and I started the summer institute on Monday.

Monday, August 07, 2017

New Old Floor

Ever since we discovered last year that our house's sub floor is tongue and groove 2x6, Esther has been itching to try a reclaimed wood floor in some of our house.  Last week we took the plunge and tore up the carpet, particle board and tar paper, sanded and oiled the distressed floor.  The project took about a week of full time work on both of our parts.  It was rewarding to do the project together and we are pleased with the results.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A hundred miles, a hundred miles

Esther and I set a goal for ourselves to walk one hundred miles together in one month. Though we had walked as many as 85 miles, we had yet to do one hundred.  We decided that July would need to be our month, since schedules and commitments would make it difficult in other months. We got a good start at the beginning of the month on our vacation to the national parks.  Yesterday was Esther's birthday and we took a hike to Glass Beach near Port Townsend and finished our month with a bang.  We ended the month with 114 miles, having walked every day of the month; the least being one mile and the most being seven and one half.  Our year to date total is 494 miles.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Granddaughter Week

We had the joy of having Ruby and Ada for the week.  Bjorn and Jenny left us with the girls Monday morning and we rendezvoused in Portland Friday afternoon.  Squeezing all we could out of Seabrook, we went to the beach and swam in the pool before heading home.  Our activities of the week included building a fairy garden, going to the beach, canoeing, going to Sequim to bike/walk and swim, as well as the obligatory candy store run. We enjoyed ourselves very much with the girls.  They were very well behaved and cooperative.   They are growing up fast.  It's hard to imagine that Ada could be in my third grade class this year and Ruby will be in first grade.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Seabrook Stay

This past weekend the Bulthuis family (minus Calvin and Sassa😟) enjoyed four nights at Seabrook.  We stayed at 'Life of Riley' and liked several features.  The private patio area with a fire table was definitely a well used feature.  We spent each evening around the fire and didn't go to bed stinking like smoke.  The first night was Papa Murphy's pizza in honor of Markus' birthday, even though they had to arrive late.  The next night was superb Sri Lankan food provided by Markus and Steph.  The third night was chicken wings Vietnamese style provided by Bjorn and Jenny, and the last night mom made seafood fettuccine.  Mom also made some soups for lunches and plenty of snacks.  The first morning Ada had a traumatic accident with her bike and got some deep slivers.  Jenny and I ended up taking her to Urgent Care in Elma, 40 miles away.  They didn't do anything to her injury besides taking an X-ray.  Back in Seabrook our days were filled with walking town, going to the beach, playing on the zip line, playing pickle ball, swimming, riding bike, visiting the gnome trail, going to the bakery and sweet shop and painting ceramics.  All that peppered with lots and of eating and drinking.  The weather was the best on the first day and the last day, of course; but at least there was no rain except for some fog drizzle.  All in all, it was another successful Seabrook vacation.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shelton tour and Ellen

On Tuesday we met Jack, Sue and Ellen in Shelton to do a sister hand off.  We ate Sisters for lunch and then took a 2 mile walk through Shelton with a tour map designating the historical buildings.  It was surprisingly interesting.  Ellen spent the next 24 hours with us before we brought her to the airport, but not without a bowl of ramen in South Center before she left.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Surprise parties are not on the Bulthuis radar.  For some reason it has never been a part of our mode of operation.  So when our daughter-in-laws schemed up a doozy for our 60th birthdays, we were totally clueless.  You could have knocked us over the head and we still would have missed it. The huge 'party next door' with the Nelsons as guests didn't even perk our suspicions. The party was an absolute shock.  Under the guise of seeing Emily and Katie's new house, we walked into a room full of family and friends singing Happy Birthday.  There were so many people involved in the scheem including my sisters who are not used to deceptive practices.  We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and regretted not being able to connect with everyone who came.  Marti had skillfully provided the food and the setting at the Olson's was perfect. The day ended with a family dinner at the Thai Hut in Gig Harbor.  Thanks to Steph and Jenny, surprises may become more commonplace in the Bulthuis family.