Saturday, September 27, 2008

Foothills Trail - 'take two'

This past June, Esther and I took along a couple of boys we were babysitting to the Foothills Trail near Orting. We didn't make it very far as it was quite hot and the boys were young. We loved the trail, and were anxious to explore it again someday. Well, we took the opportunity today to ride the entire 30 mile round trip trail from Puyallup to South Prairie and back. The weather was perfect: sunny, but a little cool. We thoroughly enjoyed the trail. It starts in farm country, goes through Orting and then follows the Carbon River and the foothills to South Prairie. This is definitely our favorite trail so far. Esther did great on her clunky old cheapo Murray. We've decided that she has earned the right to a new bike. Next spring we will have to go bike shopping for her. In other eventful news of the day, Markus departed Southworth for another year at SPU.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Leaders Hike

Once again our annual classroom leaders hike took the bad weather alternative to Dungeness Spit. On Saturday, Don and I took a dozen of our classroom leaders on a hike. Several parents also joined us for the ten mile round trip hike to the lighthouse and back. All of the kids made it; and in pretty good time! I think the lousy weather kept the kids from poking along on the beach too much. After the hike, we hit the excellent swimming pool in Sequim. We have a great bunch of fifth graders who help manage the 60 students in our classroom. The hike is something a little special we like to do for them. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at our church. I spoke on the conscience: 'God's ally in the human soul.' By Sunday night, it felt like I had a seven day work week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a sea of students

a sea of students
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This school year has gotten off to a great start. The school climate is filled with positive anticipation on account of our new principal. We have a large class (59), but we are enjoying it. We don't seem to have a usual cadre of behavior problems. Having returning students who help with classroom management is a real advantage. Our students did relatively well on their WASL scores last spring, so we are feeling pretty confident. (Beware! "Pride cometh before the fall") The district is implementing new writing and reading curriculums this year, so these two old veterans have to do things a little different. That's good, because it keeps us sharp and falling into a rut.
On a completely different subject, we received a message from our sister church in Haiti. They are suffering much because of the hurricanes: homes and crops destroyed. The road is cut off to incoming supplies. Our church is working with RMI to get rice, beans and oil to the church. Hopefully, the road will be repaired soon, though these things don't happen quickly in Haiti.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

wind + water + sun = great September sailing!

sail and sky
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This week was a great first week of school. Our students are seem wonderful and our staff is fired up for a great year. I will blog about my class this week some time. This morning I poured a little cement for my neighbor and then spent the afternoon sailing. I couldn't pass this opportunity up as my 2008 sailing days are numbered with fall approaching. It was a satisfying sail! The wind freshened and the clouds dissipated as the afternoon wore on. At first, I was just going to sail around Blake Island, but after beating my way up to the north end, Rich Passage looked very inviting. I sailed to Watauga Beach and took some pictures of the house I worked at this summer. There was a strong breeze by then and I had a quick broad reach back to Southworth.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lynden again

We went back up to Lynden Labor day weekend, helping Bjorn and Jenny move as well as a little vacationing with the Eides. Esther's parent's home is now occupied by Bjorn and Jenny. It's quite a bit larger than their previous rental, so they probably feel like they are rattling around. We also relaxed Sunday and part of Monday at the cabin at Cain Lake. Instead of the traditional oyster barbecue, we ate at the Chuckanut Manor, where the Eides got their oysters. School begins tomorrow for Esther, Calvin and I. Our school is pretty excited to begin a new year with our new principal.