Thursday, May 31, 2007

crazy hat day

crazy hat day
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Today was our classroom end of the month birthday celebration. We decided to have a crazy hat day to spice it up. Don has been teaching the kids about the different kinds of hats found in literature, so we are kind of into hats. The kids that did bring hats were creative. We particularly liked the pizza hat. Check it out on my flickr photos. I have been spending this week preparing for the annual Neah Bay camping trip this weekend. Stay tuned for a report after the weekend.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Family Day

Since Markus and Bjorn were both home today (Memorial Day), we decided to have a 'family day'. Instead of staying home and each doing our own thing, we opted for a local excursion of the penisula. We started off with some disc golf at NAD Park, and then went downtown Bremerton to check out the new fountain park. It is really a cool little park. The fountain stacks are shaped like submarine turrets and they sporadically spout like whales. The rocks are uniquely carved out and polished to provide warm places to lay down. The landscaping is very nice as well. Next, we went to Port Townsend, a favorite spot for both Esther and I. After browsing the shops and the marina, we enjoyed ice cream cones on the waterfront. Then it was off to Fort Worden and Port Hadlock. We finished up with supper in Silverdale. A good family day.

On the edge of the plunge

Aging has a way of sneaking up on a person. It often seems most evident when you get together with 'old' friends whom you don't see that often. Simple deduction leads one to the realization that if they are old, then you are old too! This past weekend we went to Whatcom County and spent some time with the Mulders and Vissers, who were very close to us in our early years of marriage. Mulders came from Montana and Vissers live in Belingham. It was great catching up on eachother's lives as well as that of our children. Of the six of us gathered, five of us will turn 50 this summer. Fortunately, none of us are grandparents yet, but the conversation did include retirement and midlife crisis toys. No Harley fans here, but Dan is going to trade his horses in for a Mazda Miata! We had a busy couple of days visiting other friends and family in Lynden. Today will be spent enjoying our immediate family as all three boys are home.

Monday, May 14, 2007

the blodgett blog

This past weekend, we went down to Blodgett, Oregon to visit Jenny's family and make some plans for the wedding. The Christensen home is nestled on the edge of Oregon's coastal mountain range. No other homes are visible from their panorama view of the rolling hills. The twenty acres include open spaces, woods and a stream. Over the years, Greg has converted a neglected horsefarm into a hobby farmer's dream property. Though the weather was unseasonally cold, we enjoyed exploring the Blodgett area. Jenny's brother Jeff and wife Whitney, and Jenny's sister Jill and boyfriend Mike joined us for an (indoor) barbeque Saturday night. On Sunday, we went to Newport to celebrate Mother's Day and check out motels.