Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Week With Granddaughters

     This long neglected blog will finally get a new post.  Several factors have contributed to a gradual lack of activity.  For one thing, life has been fairly routine in Southworth the last couple of months.  In addition, I have found that the presence of Facebook has slowly taken away my sense of purpose in maintaining a personal website.  And my last excuse is that my blog host site (blogger) no longer cooperates with my photo website (Flickr) making it more difficult to post pictures with my entries.  But despite these feeble reasons, I will plod on for personal journalling purposes.
     Well the last week has been anything but routine as we took care of Ada and Ruby for the entire week.  Jenny was in Georgia visiting her sister and Bjorn had work all week.  Esther and I decided to each use our two personal days for the year which neither one of us had conveniently spent.  We alternated days and covered the short week.  Fortunately, the week was somewhat pleasant weather wise and many hours were spent playing on the beach, going to parks and hanging out in the yard.  Ada and Ruby got to meet our small group and go to an elder's and wives potluck as well.  We enjoyed our time with our granddaughters very much.