Monday, June 30, 2014

Long Beach Biking

This past weekend we joined Tim and Karen deLacy for couple of nights in Long Beach.  We took our bicycles and planned to enjoy the 8.5 mile bike trail that winds through the grassy dunes along the beach.  We were quite skeptical about the weather but hoped for the best.  We were fortunate to get a window between rain showers.  We made one way on the trail before eating our lunch under a shelter during a downpour.  Then it cleared up just long enough for us to return to the car.  We enjoyed the cozy cabin and were entertained by Maxer's (deLacy's dog) silly antics.  We ended the weekend by jetting up to Lynden to see my mom as she has taken a turn for the worse.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Begins

My summer began with special guests in Southworth.  A good friend of Jenny's got married last weekend on the westside of the Sound so Jenny spent the week helping her friend and entertaining out of town guests.   Our house became part of the hosting and Ada and Ruby got to spend a lot of time with Papa as Farmor was still working hard at school.  Bjorn came down midweek as well and spent time with out of town college friends.  The girls and I made trips to the beach, to local parks and out for a canoe ride.  I was grateful for the nice weather.  The week ended with a trip to Cain Lake with Markus. Steph and Nick to test some Wedding dishes that Marti had made.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Camp Colman

The school year ended with a bang.   I accompanied my sixth graders to three days of outdoor education at Camp Colman.  It was the first year in many that we took the sixth grade to camp.  It turned out well and I am sure it is the start of a new tradition.  We weren't sure about scheduling it the last week of school, but it turned out to be a nice closure to their elementary school experience.  The camp staff led the students through classes as a varied as squid dissection to a vertical playpen (climbing challenge)  I was fortunate enough to sleep in command central and leave the boys cabins to the parent chaperones.  Camp Colman is a great facility on Case Inlet with a private lagoon for boating and swimming.  The week ended with a celebration (graduation).  Another school year in the books.