Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A sad ending to the weekend

An otherwise wonderful weekend was dampened by a Frenchman. As we started up the cars to leave Big White, Jenny's car let up a cloud of smoke as the fan belt ripped apart. On further investigation, it became evident that the coolant was frozen solid! Three weeks ago, Jenny had her car worked on at Langley Chrysler and had paid for a 'peace of mind' inspection. Jenny wisely called the service manager, Andre, in Langley who at first would not take responsibility. After some persistence from Jenny, he seemed to be fess up a little. The car was towed to Kelowna and we brought Bjorn and Jenny back to Langley. Today she got word that the engine was OK and only some hoses and belts need to be replaced. Hopefully, Langley Chrysler will take responsibility. The car still needs to be retrieved from Kelowna. Jenny drew this picture on the 'tablecloth' at Montana's in Kelowna.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another Day on the slopes

The whole gang
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The temperature was a little warmer today, so the ladies joined us on the slopes. The setting is quite spectacular as the skies are clear, the trees crusted in snow and distant mountains glistening in the sunshine.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend at Big White

Bring on the slopes
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Drove until 2:30 this morning to get to Big White. Calvin had a wrestling match which gave us a late start. He won his match. Today was a cold day of snowboarding. Mercury was well below 0 F last night. There were nine of us who braved the elements to enjoy the scenery and fun on the slopes. It is great to have Bjorn and Jenny here with us. Jenny is outnumbered by the men and boys, but she keeps up fine. It is exhilarating storming down the slopes in a gang. The condo is very handy-right next to the run.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

"Whoever professes me before men"

It was our priviledge to witness Markus' baptism this afternoon. We were happy that Pastor John Snell was able to participate, as he has had a major spiritual impact on Markus the last six years as his youth pastor. This is a monumental day for the Bulthuis boys as Bjorn turned 21 today. Unfortunately, he was not able to be with us today, but he will spend next weekend with us at Big White Ski Resort.

Good Flick

Good Flick
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Last night, Esther, Markus, Calvin and I saw 'End of the Spear' It was a great movie--different than what I expected. Being familiar with the books, "The Shadow of the Almighty' and 'Through Gates of Slendor', I expected the movie to focus on Jim Elliot. But instead, it focused on the pilot and his son. The reason why made sense in the end. The film did a great job of explaining what went on in the Waodani tribe before and after the killings. The message of the gospel was implicit in the story which makes it more powerful to a seculat audience. I would definitely recommend seeing it, if you can find it! We had to drive to Puyallup to see it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Olympic 'Crown'

Olympic 'gold'
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This week's clear weather is almost like a message from above: "Puget Sound, you may think the rest of the country (including NFL refs) doesn't think much of you, but I still love you. Remember, you do have the most beautiful surroundings" I just had to run down to the water during my break today. I have even been playing at recess with the students-anything to enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Rites of Passage

This year will be a transitional year for our younger two sons. Markus will move on to college and Calvin will get his license and move on to high school. This past weekend was a precursor to these transitions. Calvin got his driver's permit and Markus went to a preview day at Trinity Western University. I went with Markus to visit Trinity, where we got to spend time with Bjorn as well. We arrived in Langley in time to watch Bjorn lead a Bible study at the MRD club (Mountain Riders Discipleship) Then we watched Jenny play rec. soccer at 11:00pm. The preview day on Friday went well and I was once again impressed with the quality of Trinity's program-strong academics from a Christian perspective, high teacher to student ratio, opportunities for ministry and spiritual growth, all with a good balance of freedom and responsibility. Friday night, Markus and Bjorn went snowboarding at Mt. Seymour, while I went to Lynden and spent time with my mom and Esther's family. (Thanks for supper, Kay) Saturday was a bust as the wind closed Mt. Baker which we had hoped to enjoy. Instead, we had a leisurely day with Esther's family and Bjorn and Jenny.