Monday, January 17, 2011

Southern Peninsula

It is our practice to celebrate MLK Day with an excursion to a local destination. It was time for a outing, as the rain and darkness was making us feel claustrophobic. Since we needed to run an errand to Gig Harbor we decided to explore the southern extremities of the Kitsap Peninsula: Point Fosdick, Wollochet and Fox Island. It is my ambition to someday circumnavigate the entire Peninsula in my sailboat. Today it was just our comfy Toyota Sienna on dead end roads. The rain held off, but it was very windy. Esther got motion sick from the winding roads and we needed to stop. We found what seems like the only public property on Fox Island: Toy Point. We walked down to the path to enjoy the pier. My teaching partner, Don lives on the island. I was reminded of the determination and effort he puts forth as he commutes to Port Orchard on his motorcycle everyday, rain or shine or wind, but thankfully not ice or snow.

Friday, January 07, 2011

A Norwegian New Year

Things have finally slowed down enough to post a blog. The first week back to work was a busy one, at least in terms of evening activities. We were able to see Calvin off to Japan for six months and spend an evening with Jenny and Ada. On New Years Day we went to Esther's cousin Anna's house in Tacoma. Her parents were there from Norway as well as Esther's brothers and families. It was great to see niece Bria back from England. Anna and her husband Sovann have a wonderful classic home in North Tacoma overlooking Commencement Bay. They recently raised it up to put a garage underneath and add a huge great room that soaks in the view. We were treated to a Norwegian tradition of lamb and cabbage, along with some scandinavian desserts- a great way to start the New Year.