Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We were able to spend several days with my sister Ellen from Sacramento. She was immersed into the Eide compound, sharing in some heated Wits and Wagers games. We made a few trips to the Courtyard to visit Mom in her new environment. Later, Ellen accompanied us home to Southworth where we shared a couple of days of post Christmas relaxation. The weather was great and we spent an afternoon in Gig Harbor enjoying the winter sun. We always have plenty of shop talk to share as she is a sixth grade teacher. She was a little apprehensive about flying, given the recent events; and she is happy to be home with Charlie and Princess.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

back to the Courtyard

Mom's room
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The joy of this holiday season has been tempered by the sudden move of my mother to an alzheimer's care facility. Just two months ago we moved her to an assisted care section of her retirement home. Last week we were informed that she could no longer live in the assisted care wing; thus another move was necessary. The new facility is in Bellingham and is the same place that Esther's parents lived out their last days. It's comforting to know that mom is in a place where she is understood and treated accordingly. It was hard to take her out of her beloved Lynden, but it was the best option. We hope that she can begin to feel at home as time progresses. Both the Bulthuis' and Eides are beginning to think that it might be a good idea to buy a timeshare at the Courtyard.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bulthuis Christmas gathering

Merry Christmas! Today was a treat as my siblings and their families gathered together. It had been twelve years since all of the cousins had been together. My brother Doug's kids are in town from New York, Washington DC and Illinois. My sister Susan's kids from Michigan and Renton, and sister Ellen up from Sacramento were all gathered. Two new granddaughters, Ada and Rachel, added a special touch. My nephew Aaron and wife Jen hosted the event. It was a little bitter sweet as the thrill of catching-up was tempered by the reminder of our mother's deteriorating mental health. She moved to a new facility this week and we are all dealing with the transition. In spite of this challenge, we are grateful to God as a family for His rich blessings.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handel's Messiah

For years I have been wanting to take the family to the 'full deal' of Handel's Messiah. This afternoon Bjorn and Jenny left Ada in Lynden and joined the four of us as we went to Benaroya Hall for the first time and witnessed the Seattle Symphony's rendition of the musical classic. We were not disappointed; and it was well worth it. The hall is amazing and the production was first rate, at least from our perspective. The Messiah is such a monumental oratorio. It is thrilling to hear the gospel so clearly presented in such a piece of art that is appreciated year after year for hundreds of years. We all enjoyed the experience and were able to enjoy dinner and some shopping at University Village before calling it a day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

babysitting Ada

Ada's first snow
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Esther and I had the opportunity to take care of Ada for two nights while Bjorn and Jenny went to Harrison Hot Springs. She adjusted well to a couple of old folks, though at times it seemed that she looked at us and thought, "my parents sure got old fast." Ada is such an easy going cheerful child; she is very content as long as the necessities of food, diaper and sleep are attended to. She slept through the night the second night, which almost alarmed Esther when she woke up in the morning. It was good to spend time with the Greenwood gang, especially Kelsea who returned home from Bible School in California.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

early December chores

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Every year I hope for nice weather the first weekend in December. There are a host of December chores that need some cooperation from the weather. This weekend has been cold, but at least it has been dry. I raked all of the fall leaves, mowed the lawn, cut down a Christmas tree and put the lights on the roof line. Having lived in the house for six years now, I have the system pretty much down, though each year I add just a little more. Esther has started on the inside decorations which will probably be complete by the end of the week. It was a little sad going off to our traditional tree farm without any boys, but I insisted on getting my candy cane. I think that it is the only candy cane I eat all year - driving the tree home.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gray Saturday

The dismal rain of Saturday morning reflected the mood of Greenwood. After a joyful family Thanksgiving, the inevitable death of a long-loved pony hung over the compound like the drizzly clouds. 'Little Bit' was given to Marika twelve years ago. Little did we know that his presence would spark an equestrian explosion on the Eide compound. It wasn't long before Little Bit's hooves could not compete with Marika's riding fever. More proficient horses were added to the family, but Little Bit held prominence in the affections of his owner. He was lovingly cared for in his retirement. At thirty-eight, he had outlived many of his peers, and had a good life, as ponies go. But time had taken it's toll on Little Bit's hooves and his feet were in constant pain. It was an agonizing family decision to put him out of his misery. Before the vet put him to sleep, it was decided that Ada needed to have her first 'horse ride'. She was all over the hairy mane and was not her usual photogenic self. After the grim deed was done, we consoled ourselves with a family trip to Ikea and a 3D Imax experience of 'A Christmas Carol' On the brighter side of the weekend, there were hours of good family time and visits with the Kangs, Peakes and Haehnels.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sleepy in Southworth

I was going to entitle this post: 'blogless in Southworth', as it has been a few weeks since the last post. For some reason I couldn't come up with anything blog worthy; which is not to say that anything on this site is 'blog worthy.' Anyway, Esther and I did have some excitement yesterday as we found a replacement for our bed of 32 years, which was actually Esther's for 45 years or so. It was her grandmother's bed set, and seemed a bit of an antique and good enough. (not that we didn't replace the mattresses a few times) Esther has been keeping an eye on craigslist canopy beds for some time, and so it was inevitable that she would eventually find one and negotiate a dutchman price. We drove to Bellevue and even rented a trailer to bring the prize home. Although we've prided ourselves in being content with a full size bed all these years, a 50 year old wife with hot flashes makes me appreciate the extra few inches a queen size supplies. (Some nights a king wouldn't be big enough). Well, our new bed sleeps well and I can only hope we'll still be around to enjoy this one for 32 more years!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Grandma Shower

Esther was given a few surprises this weekend. Her friends had planned a surprise 'grandma shower' on Sunday, with Ada and Jenny coming for an unannounced visit. But as the time approached, the thought of only seeing Ada and Jenny for a couple of hours seemed too much to bear; so on Saturday, Bjorn, Jenny and Ada came for an 'unplanned' visit. The shower was a big surprise for 'Farmor,' and she had a blast as they told stories and presented gifts for grandma's stock pile of granddaughter equipment. Meanwhile, as the ladies partied, Bjorn helped me haul out my boat and mooring system for the winter. We had a beautiful afternoon for our endeavor on the water, and were successful on all accounts.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Project Doubtfire

Project Doubtfire
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Don's curly locks will be disappearing this weekend; but not before the girls in our class had a chance for 'Project Doubtfire.' In preparation for the harvest carnival Friday night, the girls bought supplies for a 'makeover' of Mr. Moore into 'Ms. Moore' Don played along as they fussed over attire, accessories and make-up. The result was pretty impressive, but He makes a pretty ugly woman

Monday, October 26, 2009

moving mom

Dealing with the transitions of aging parents is one of those inevitables of life that is neither enjoyable nor easy. This past weekend my siblings and I joined hands and moved my confused mother to an apartment with greater assistance. Though her body is as strong as an ox, her mind is weak, and she has become a threat to others as well as herself. Her new home will provide her with increasing care as she slips slowly away. It is a pathetic reality that loved ones must helplessly stand by and watch. There are some comforts that accompany this condition. The simple things of life bring great pleasure: a peppermint candy or a ride in the country bring raving accolades – “I love this” or “I am so thankful.” Mom is also quite vocal about her faith and reports visits from Jesus. Her devotional, always turned to the correct date, must be read dozens of times a day, each time a fresh experience. Though the weekend was difficult, it was enjoyable to spend time with both of our families as well as Calvin. Esther had the unexpected opportunity to get together with her high school friends.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lutefisk anyone?

You can't be around Norwegians too long before the subject of lutefisk comes up. For all the talk and fuss, you would think it was a weekly event. Instead, it is an annual ritual, usually in the late fall or December. The proud Scandinavians don their Norwegian sweaters, gather in halls and gymnasiums around the country, and pig out on traditional foods, all the while swapping stories of recipes and family history. Saturday afternoon, Esther and I joined the newlyweds, Frank and Sherri Carlson for the annual pilgrimage at First Lutheran in Poulsbo. Sherri was introduced to the delicacy for the first time, with negative results. By now I have acquired a tolerable enjoyment of the fish jello, as long as there is plenty of melted butter and cream sauce on it. The famous dish is supplemented with potatoes, meatballs, lefsa, salad, krumkake and lots of coffee. Esther and Frank were in their glory of course, while Sherri and I acquiesced to the hoopla. We brought our happy spouses back to the Carlson big screen where we watched the Husky game and allowed Dennis Erickson and the sun devils to put a damper on our evening.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Connecting with College Sons

Calvin came home from Trinity Western this weekend since it is Canadian Thanksgiving. He is having a great time, busy with friends and enjoying his studies. He admitted that he missed us, though. We went to Seattle this afternoon to meet with Markus and go to his church: Quest Church. Pastor Eugene Cho is a passionate and articulate speaker, and we enjoy his sermons very much. The collegian brothers enjoyed sharing their academic joys and challenges.

Monday, October 05, 2009

annual pilgrimage to the Bavarian village

Rather than an overnighter this year, Esther and I made a quick day trip over to Leavenworth. Our late reservation habit ensured no vacancy at an acceptable BandB. (a small hazard for the spontaneous) The day was beautiful with plenty of sunshine and mild temperature. The autumn colors were only just beginning to reveal themselves. We spent several hours shopping and eating in town and then took a drive and walk up Icicle Creek canyon. On our way home we hit a serious traffic back up between Index and Gold Bar, waiting an hour for things to finally start moving again after Sultan. We met up with Markus for a late evening snack as we passed through Seattle.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jenny gets her 'sail'

Jenny finally got in a good sail. For the past few years she has been waiting for a good Southworth sail. She has been out on the boat a few times, but the wind has never been too cooperative. This weekend provided the conditions for a perfect sail. Bjorn got to skipper his dad's new boat for the first time as well. I repaired the rudder this week after an adventurous mishap last weekend, and the boat handled well. After saying a goodbye to Markus on Friday night, Esther and I had twelve hours of empty nest before Bjorn, Jenny and Ada came for a visit. Jenny and Ada had just flown in from Georgia for a visit with Jenny's sister Jill and new baby Jackson. it was good to hear about the two young mothers comparing notes. Esther and I got our 'Ada fix' this weekend. But now it's time for the real empty nest.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

final hike of the season

After two disappointing rain checks, we finally had gorgeous weather to go hiking with Keven and Martha. Hurricane Ridge put us in the high country; and after a picnic lunch, we took the Mount Angeles saddle trail for great views of the Olympics and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I also talked the others into driving the eight mile one way dirt road out to Obstruction Point. The drive, while somewhat precarious for the passengers, provided panoramic views of the valleys and peaks. It was great to catch up with Keven and Martha and enjoy the beauty of PNW.

Friday, September 11, 2009

IMA Olympics

Our classroom started out the year with the IMA Olympics. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees and sunny. The students designed flags to represent their tables in preparation for the games. After an opening ceremony, the games began. The exciting competition included disc golf, 'blindfold' and 'old clothes' relays. The climax of the games was the 'water cup relay' where tables leaders held empty bottles on their heads while table members tried to fill them with dixie cupfuls. Otter pops and music closed the games. The afternoon went a long way in building teamwork and camaraderie, which we trust will pay off in the classroom. Check out more pics at the 'classroom blog.'

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Calvin is off

On Saturday, Calvin embarked on his college voyage aboard the Trinity Western vessel. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday in various orientation meetings. Calvin is excited to be in the international dorm. He has a Chinese roommate and is surrounded by students from a variety of countries. Esther and I were again impressed with how great an institution Trinity Western has become. The school is quickly distinguishing itself among Canadian Universities and maintains a strong evangelical perspective. Seeing our last child off to college is one of life's big transitions, and Esther did not survive it without shedding some tears. We spent the remainder of the Labor Day weekend with family in Lynden. My siblings and I made the painful decision to move my mother to the next level of care. It is hard to watch her continual mental confusion and uncharacteristic aggressive behavior. Monday was spent with the Eide clan at the cabin. We were able to get our granddaughter fix before starting back to school.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leaders Hike Mt. Townsend

Today Don and I took our classroom leaders on a hike. These students were with us last year and will also be with us this year. They are chosen for their proven responsibility and cooperativeness. They will help us manage the 60 fourth and fifth graders in our classroom this year. We climbed Mt. Townsend on the north end of the Olympics. It is a formidable hike for these kids and they all made it. It is four steep miles up to the top (3000 ft.), and four more aching miles back to the trailhead. The morning weather didn't look very promising, but it was partially sunny by the time we were at the trailhead and we had sun the whole trip. We are looking forward to a great year with these leaders.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

guests from Norway

Last evening, Ingvar and Svanhild came over for dinner. Uncle George and Kirsten also joined us. Ingvar is Esther's cousin from Norway. He and his wife Svanhild live on the family farm in southern Norway. Both are recently retired teachers and are enjoying a little travel. Fortunately for us, they speak excellent English. It was very enjoyable learning about their lives and the Eide/Vasshus family stories from the other side of the Atlantic. Esther will get to see them again on Saturday at a large family get together in Arlington to celebrate Aunt Kirsten's 80th.
In other news - Esther and I are back to work and are realizing that our days with Calvin at home are dwindling down.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

a family cruise

the fearless crew
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Our original hiking plans for the day got postponed, and my family surprised me by all wanting to join me in sailing this afternoon. The wind had just shifted to a north breeze of 10-15 kt; so conditions were perfect. We had all the wind we needed with the main and working jib. The extra ballast contributed to a stable ride. We had an enjoyable sunny sail around Blake Island and were home for Papa Murphys pizza for supper.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staying cool on the Sound

Alkai Point Light
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I spent a 'cool' day on the Puget Sound today. Esther and the boys went school clothes shopping and I enjoyed the day on my sailboat. The wind was brisk in the morning so I got an early start. I tacked up the Sound under a reefed mainsail as it was gusty. By noon, I raised it to full sail and got to really enjoy the stable windward ability of the boat. If it was a hot day, I didn't notice as I wore my sweatshirt most of the day. I cruised by Alkai Point and crossed Elliot Bay to Magnolia bluffs before turning around to ride the tide and wind back home. The wind died at the south end of Blake Island so I putted in the last half mile.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Juan Island - Day 4

Our final day on the island started with Esther and my ‘Ada’ time, as she is bright and lively at the crack of dawn, while her parents want to enjoy the lazy morning. After packing up, the girls went to Roche Harbor for window shopping and the boys played another round of disc golf which ended in a sudden death between Markus and Bjorn. We ate lunch in Friday Harbor and visited the whale museum before boarding the scenic evening ferry back to Anacortes. We were fortunate to have wonderful weather and we are thankful for a wonderful family getaway.

San Juan Island - Day 3

Roche Harbor
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Another relaxing start to the morning including blueberry pancakes and a walk with Ada brought us to a morning stroll through nearby Roche Harbor. The rest of them dragged me onto a tour of a $4 million stink pot. There is a unique sculpture park where we quickly toured before lunch. After lunch it was hard to stir the napping and sleeping masses to a hike up Young Mountain for a great view of the western San Juans and beyond. While the girls prepared fajitias, the boys went for a round at a nearby disc golf, where Calvin took the honors. We ended the day with Shakespeare Under the Stars ‘As You Like It’ at nearby Roche Harbor. The play was well done and enjoyed by all including Ada.

San Juan Island - Day 2

A slow relaxing start to the day brought us to a tour of English Camp (i.e. Pig War) True to British style, the camp was an oasis of civilization on the outskirts of the western frontier. After a lunch and nap back at the cabin, we stopped at Lime Kiln Park, a park that is famous for its whale sightings. Our intention was to walk the loop and move on to the next destination. However, shortly after we got there, a super pod of Orcas came right passed us. What a spectacular sight as no less than 50 Orca paraded in front of us, some less than 20 yards away! We later discovered how fortunate we were as records show that there are about 60 sightings a year from this spot. The rest of the day paled in comparison to our whale watching, but we took a quick tour of American Camp and Cattle Point before heading back to the cabin for seafood fettuccini.

San Juan Island - Day 1

Westcott Woods
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We got up early so that we could get in line at Anacortes for an 11 am ferry to Friday Harbor. The San Juans greeted us with typical gray skies, but displayed their charm non-the-less. Arriving in Friday Harbor, we had fried seafood lunch and browsed the town before checking out our cabin. Westcott Woods cabin is a very unique rustic structure nestled in the woods above Westcott Bay. The original cabin was constructed in the 70’s with recycled lumber. Some newer additions attempt to maintain the rustic theme. The bookshelves are filled with classic literature, which made our literary fans happy. The evening was spent enjoying the surroundings and cozy cabin.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now - About That Boat

I have waited to give much detail about my 'new' sailboat until I was actually using it. It took me about a month to clean her up a little and get a mooring ready for her. Well, she's been in the water for about a week, and I have had the opportunity to sail her a couple of times, albeit in light wind. I really like the boat. I think it is just the upgrade to get Esther on the water more often, and take a few more cruises. The Montgomery 17 is 17' long (duh!) and about 7' wide. She weighs 1600 lbs. including 600 lbs. of ballast (weight underneath to keep it upright) This particular boat came with 5 sails, though I can only use two at a time. Each of the 4 'headsails' are for different wind conditions, from light air to storm. The rigging is much more sophisticated than my last boat, and I am 'learning the ropes' as I go. I am very grateful to have her, and I look forward to many years of nautical pleasure.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Navigation System or Compass?

Sermon title
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Today I preached at our church, so much of my spare time this past week was spent in preparation. My topic was decision making and I used the new Navigation System and the classic compass as object lessons. I likened a Nav System to discerning 'God's Will' through 'signs.' - just looking for the next direction point on the screen. I tried to point out that this strategy is not supported by Scripture, and could really be viewed as a form of divination. In contrast, the Bible outlines a set of guidelines for decision making that is like the points of a compass. Scriptural Wisdom, Good Advice, Providential Circumstances and Prayer are the cardinal points in the decision making compass. I kind of gave the Nav System a bad rap in the analogy; so I guess I better not get one for a while:)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Hot Week in Lynden

Esther and I spent most of the hot spell this week in Lynden. It was quite eventful as Bjorn and Jenny celebrated their second anniversary and Esther her " !? "-second birthday. We got to spend a lot of time with Ada, even babysitting overnight as Bjorn and Jenny were at the cabin. I spent three days scraping, priming and painting the barge trim of the house and repairing a few window sills. On one hot afternoon, I was able to give my mom a ride to Birch Bay in our air conditioned van. Her apartment was very hot, but she wasn't complaining. We were also able to share some great meals with Mike and Marti and John and Kay. Brea was the only teenage/young adult on the compound as everyone else was gone. We made it home for Calvin's short break from camp duty on Saturday, celebrating his birthday a little late.

Monday, July 27, 2009

local recreation

Esther and I had an active weekend doing a couple of recreational day trips. On Saturday, we dusted off the canoe and paddled to Blake Island, hiking around the Island and taking supper on the spit. While hiking we noticed the sky clouding up, and by the time we started back in the canoe, a storm was brewing. Fortunately, we were paddling with the wind and we made a quick passage back to Southworth. After seeing Calvin off to camp early Sunday afternoon, we decided to find a bike trail to explore. Given the heat, we wanted something shady. We found just the ticket with the Woodard Bay trail in North Thurston. Almost the entire trail was in the shade. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be our favorite, but it was just right for a hot afternoon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sis in Southworth

My sister Ellen stopped by for a day in Southworth on her way up to Lynden. She drove up from Sacramento in her new Mitsubishi Eclipse. We enjoyed hearing about her recent trip to a Hillcrest reunion (our childhood African boarding school) Ellen also gave us an update on our Chicago relatives. Jack and Sue also dropped by for lunch on their way home from a week in Sequim.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Markus' Birthday

Markus' Birthday
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Twenty-two and counting. Having had an eventful weekend with friends at a cabin near Arlington, and last week at the Shakespeare Festival, Markus chose to have a lay low birthday today. We did go to Spiros for supper and had the customary oreo ice cream for dessert.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ashland and Shakespeare

Crater Lake
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We had a great week in Southern Oregon. The performances at the Shakespeare Festival were great. I think that I enjoyed 'Much Ado About Nothing' a little better than 'Henry VIII' I understood more of the lines. But both were good. We had better seats for 'Much Ado'; so that may have made a difference. I feel like i just took a crash refresher course in Shakespeare and English history as I read a lot of background material this past week. The bummer of the trip was when Esther lost her camera in Ashland. She must have set it down somewhere in a shop. After scouring the town for an hour, we gave up. Consequently, we don't have any pictures of Ashland. The theater didn't allow any photography, so all our pictures were of the town. The weather was very hot; so it was uncomfortable during the day, but just right at 8:30 pm - show time. We managed to squeeze a disgolf game in one morning at a primitive course with poles and tin cans. On the way home, we went to Crater Lake which was beautiful. The temperature was just right and the lake was an amazing blue color. This weekend Markus and Calvin are both with friends, so Esther and I are alone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Off to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Some parents get dragged to monster truck rallies or rock concerts to connect with their sons; we get to attend Elizabethan theaters to watch Shakespeare plays. Calvin and Markus, along with Esther and I will spend the next few days in Ashland, Oregon at the Shakespeare Festival. We have tickets for 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Henry VIII.' Markus read Much Ado this past quarter in a Shakespeare class, so he can keep us from becoming too confused. We leave early tomorrow to make the evening play, but not without a stop at Powell's Books in Portland.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

ladies in lavender

My apologies for the interruption in blog service. You might have experienced difficulty accessing the site this week. My domain URL expired and Bjorn had to patch me up again.

Jenny and Ada have been in Southworth the last few days as there is a wedding nearby that Jenny and Bjorn are attending. Yesterday, we went to Sequim for an early lavender bash. (The festival isn't until next weekend.) I rode my bike on the discovery trail, while Jenny, Esther and Ada searched for blooming lavender. Ada did a great job of humoring her farmor by pretending that she enjoyed the lavender. She is growing so fast; she amazes her grandparents with her intelligence and athleticism. On a different note, Calvin returned from a week at Miracle Ranch where he was trained as a counselor. He will work at the camp for a couple of weeks this summer.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hurricane Hill

We took a family hike on the Fourth. We didn't want a long hike, because we wanted to catch the Paul Olson bash in the evening. Hurricane Ridge is a bit of a drive, but it puts you in the high country before you even start hiking. We enjoyed a leisurely walk up to Hurricane Hill (about 3 miles round trip) Conditions were fantastic and the views were great. The Ridge was packed with tourists, every other party was speaking a different language. It always amazes me how many out of state tourists visit Olympic National Park. I am told that it is in the top five national parks in the country for annual visitors. The Olson party in the evening had an added musical dimension as there was a continuous concert all afternoon and evening.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Esther in Lynden

Esther and Ada
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While the boys and I poured cement and redid roofs, Esther enjoyed a week in Lynden. She relished her time with all of the family, but especially her Ada time. The two of them did a lot of napping together and taking walks on the compound. Esther went up with Sherri Nelson who also got to spend time with her Lynden connection (Rob and Julie).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

concrete flat work

Of all the facets of residential construction, concrete work is one of my least favorite. But my neighborhood employer wants cement, and lots of it; so it's time to break out the knee pads, gloves and trowel. Markus and Calvin helped me pour four yards of concrete today. They moved it the 30 yards from the cement truck to the pad by wheel barrel. I supervised and made sure it got in the right place! Then the back challenging work of trowelling began. The slab ended up looking half way decent. Tomorrow, it's up on the roof of the rental to tear off shakes. Evenings are killing me, with sunny skies and great wind; and an anxious sailboat in the driveway. But I have to finish up some fix up details on the boat before trying her out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You did what?!!!

My adventure this past week might seem a little foolhardy. Driving a sixteen year old truck with 200k for 3500 miles to pick up a 30 year old boat and trailer would to some people seem like sheer stupidity; which is what I did feel at times. Leaving Saturday morning and returning Wednesday night, I drove to Carlsbad, New Mexico to buy a boat. You would think that there would be plenty of boats in the Puget Sound, that such action was unnecessary. But the lack of availability of this particular boat on the used market for a decent price convinced me to go for it. More about the boat will follow in future blogs. I purchased the boat from a Urologist who sailed it in a bathtub -- reservoir for the last ten years. The condition of the trailer made me very apprehensive about the return trip. I had the bearings repacked and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, though both tires had plenty of tread, they blew up in the heat of the road: one near Gallup, NM and the other near Baker City, OR. Other adventures of the trip included having my cell phone stolen at a rest area, being three cars behind a head-on collision with 2 fatalities, and having my mast break loose on I-5, forty miles from home. Needless to say, I am very THANKFUL to be safely at home in Southworth with my prize boat in the driveway.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Calvin's College Computer

It is a Bulthuis tradition to send their sons off to college, armed with the latest Mac laptop. Ever since Bjorn received his first MacBook Pro, Calvin has been anticipating the day when he would get his own Mac laptop. Well, the day has finally arrived! We snuck past the long line of iPhone buyers today to snag a 15" unibody MacBook Pro, as well as a free iPod Touch (college student promotion) from the Apple Store in University Village. Calvin is all smiles tonight as he is probably the envy of his brothers, since every three years you can get more Mac for your parent's buck.

Missing Mary

Mary Galpin
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The end of our year at Sidney Glen Elementary ended on a sad note. One of our teachers died on the second to the last day of school. She was working on Wednesday and past away on Friday. She had been battling internal organ ailments for some time and fell unconscious of Thursday. Mary served as a Title 1 teacher, working with small groups of struggling learners. She had a tender and gracious heart that was full of love for her students. She always reminded me of my two Chicago aunts, Helen and Ella. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a tender heart of sympathy. Mary was at Sidney Glen when it began and she will be missed greatly in the years to come.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

biking with nieces

First day of summer break. Kay brought Kelsea, Bria and Lisbeth (from Norway) down to Southworth and we went on a bike ride from the Gig Harbor park n ride, across the Narrows and down to Ruston Way. We stopped to see Anna and Sovann's house remodeling process (digging a garage/basement under the house), then met up with Anna and Lucy in Old Town. We did have a pedal malfunction with one of the Greenwood bikes, but Anna was able to lend us hers to finish up the Ruston Way leg. Esther was disappointed she couldn't join us because of work, but enjoyed the evening as Anna came to join us all for supper.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Graduates

Big weekend! Calvin's graduation was Friday night. The Greenwood clan came down to celebrate with us. The ceremony in the Tacoma Dome was fairly short considering the near 600 graduates. Josh gave one of the speeches and did a great job. Saturday was a joint party with Alicia's and Josh's families. Bjorn, Jenny and Ada spent the weekend and Ada said that she loved being with her grandparents in Southworth. Sunday was the Biker Barbecue at Harper and we got a chance to show off our granddaughter. Monday morning Calvin and Corbin go with the Harper graduates on a week long houseboat trip to Lake Shasta.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Goodbye Blue Wing

Goodbye Blue Wing
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Tonight I sold my faithful friend, 'Blue Wing' It really wasn't impulsive. I have been wanting to get a different boat for several years, but it's hard to buy when you have two boats already sitting in your yard. Now I have a good reason to buy a new one! Still, I am feeling a little 'seller's remorse' as she has been a great boat to me. She taught me a lot about sailing. She gave me eleven and a half years of inexpensive enjoyable sailing experiences. One consolation is that the new owner is a young man nearby who will probably want some sailing company at times.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Neah Bay Camp out

While Calvin and Esther were busy with the Prom details, I was with my class at Neah Bay. It was the largest group yet - 28 students and 24 adults. We were thankful for good weather and the tide was very low for our Shi Shi Beach hike, great for exploring tide pools and sea caves. The large group made it a somewhat less cohesive than earlier years, and I ran a little short on food; but everyone had a good time. The drive was extra long this year because the Hood Canal bridge is closed. (five hours each way)

Bulthuis tops Prom honors

I know it's hard to imagine, but a Bulthuis took the honors at the Prom Dance. Saturday was the South Kitsap Prom. Calvin's date was Nicole Patmos. They joined Josh and Alicia and another couple on a visit to Benihana in Seattle. The dance was in Bremerton. Calvin was voted as Prom King and his friend Alicia was voted Prom Queen. They had the first dance. Imagine that! Calvin and friends ended their exciting day at our house. Friday was also a special night as Calvin was honored at the Scottish Rite lodge with a dinner and $1500 scholarship.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laurel's Night

This past Thursday, Calvin and his fellow scholars were honored at the South Kitsap Honor Society Laurel's Night. Calvin received a Rotary and Scottish Rite Scholarship as well as being recognized as part of the top ten GPA of the class. His hard work and strong study habits are producing pay back. Congratulations, Calvin. We are proud parents.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
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Today was Esther's first GRANDmother's Day. Though this was our first weekend away from Ada, the little granddaughter was often in Esther's mind. Markus came home to help celebrate the day; and though the weather wasn't as nice as predicted, we went on a family outing to Hanesville.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Calvin's College Choice

The above title is a little ironic as Calvin's best friend Josh has made a 'Calvin College choice.' Calvin Bulthuis has made his decision for college next year. He 'threw a curve ball' at us in the last couple of weeks. Though he had not applied earlier to TWU, as he had to Westmont, Biola and Gordon, it was a school that he was considering. With sights still set on International Christian University - Japan in 2010, Calvin feels that a year at Trinity would be a good introduction to the college experience. The school has an emphasis in linguistics and a strong international feel compared to the other colleges he has considered. We of course are thrilled as he will be close to home and able to touch base with Bjorn on campus and the Lynden clan whenever he wants. Trinity is a great school and if Calvin's Japan plans change, he is in a great place to make other choices.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Greenwood County Fair

The rain held off (sort of) for Ada Lynn Bulthuis' baby shower. Actually, we were very fortunate as the heavy clouds held their peace until just after the last guests made their way home. Great Aunties, Marti and Kay put on a wonderful gathering with a county fair theme. "Greenwood' is the historic name of the neighborhood where the Eide compound near Lynden is located. The 'County Fair' included fresh squeezed lemonade, kettle corn, corn dogs, homemade pie and ice cream. Younger guests got to enjoy a petting zoo and hay stacks. The more limber guests competed in a diaper diving competition. Family and friends from as far away as Oregon, South Dakota and Alberta helped celebrate the event. Ada was oblivious of the whole scene as she was willingly handed off from guest to guest. A big thank you to all for your presence and presents. - homophone :)