Sunday, December 13, 2009

babysitting Ada

Ada's first snow
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor
Esther and I had the opportunity to take care of Ada for two nights while Bjorn and Jenny went to Harrison Hot Springs. She adjusted well to a couple of old folks, though at times it seemed that she looked at us and thought, "my parents sure got old fast." Ada is such an easy going cheerful child; she is very content as long as the necessities of food, diaper and sleep are attended to. She slept through the night the second night, which almost alarmed Esther when she woke up in the morning. It was good to spend time with the Greenwood gang, especially Kelsea who returned home from Bible School in California.

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Jill Vonier said...

LOL at her parents getting old fast. Glad to hear it went well and that she slept good for you two! The snow looks beautiful.