Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A lavender birthday

lavender lady
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This summer is the summer of transitions for us. Not only did we marry off a son, both of us turned 50. We still have a month before our last transition of the summer - our 30th anniversary! Today was Esther's birthday. Though she hardly looks a day over thirty-nine, the calendar marks her at half a century. Her choice for the day was a trip to the lavender fields of Sequim. I spent the morning at John Wayne Marina with my latest copy of Small Craft Advisor, while Esther made the rounds of lavender fields. After a great lunch at The Three Crabs, she shopped in town as I went to Port Angeles on another boat gawking adventure. We ended the day with a beautiful walk on the Sequim bike trail.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The wedding

exchange of rings
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The wedding was great! The weather was perfect, the setting was romantic, the ceremony was simple and sweet, the message was biblical, the music was classy, the reception was elegant, the food was delicious, the guests were gracious, the bride and groom were charming and God was honored. We appreciated so much the people who made the trip down to Blodgett to share in our special time. In the middle of the night (2:30) I brought the newlyweds to the airport where it was off to Cancun. After a day of visiting with family and friends, we made our way back home. Be watching my flickr photos for lots of pictures as I slowly get them from other people, since it would have looked tacky for the groom's father to have a camera in his hands. BTW If any of you blog readers have some good pics, please send them to me - bulthuisp@mac.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Calvin returns from Mexico

It seems like someone is always coming or going in the Bulthuis family this month. Calvin came home tonight from a mission trip to Mexico. He had a great time. They put on a Vacation Bible School for a church in Tijuana. The poor guy just has to get in the van and go right back south again. Tomorrow morning we leave for Blodgett and the wedding, and say goodbye to Eneko. He will be staying the last few days with some friends who also have a Basque student. It has been a great experience hosting Eneko. We have become very fond of him. It will be hard saying goodbye. We can only hope to see him again someday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

three tired travelers

three tired travelers
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Markus, Zach and Mikal returned from Norway this afternoon. Despite the long day of traveling east through nine time zones, they are pretty energetic. They are full of wonderful memories and new relationships. Their first reactions to the US was how inexpensive eveyrthing are compared to Norway. Their homecoming meal was Papa Murphy's pizza and rootbeer. Be sure to check Markus' blog tomorrow for his final entry of his trip.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bjorn lands a job at his alma mater

Yesterday Bjorn was offered a job at Trinity Western University. It is a one year contract with the responsibility of building web applications for various departments, but primarily the financial aid department. He begins August 8. Needless to say, this is great news. The wedding and honeymoon will be much more enjoyable with this part of their future made secure. Two weeks to go now for the wedding. Calvin left Friday for Mexico, and Eneko left this morning for camp. Markus will be wrapping up his time in Norway this weekend, and is due home on Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Norske cousins' adventure

inlet near cabin
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If you are not following Markus, Zach and Mikal's adventures in Norway this month, you need to check out Markus' blog, and photos. From the sounds of things, they are having a great time experiencing the land of the vikings and visiting relatives. But I'll bet that they wish they had a little of Seattle's summer weather right now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunny in Seattle?

While Bjorn and I were slaving away in the Oregon heat, Esther, Calvin and Eneko were partying it up with the girls. Kay brought Bria, Marika and Camilla down from Lynden to spend a few days enjoying the city life in the sun. Carmilla is here from Norway for three weeks. On both Monday and Tuesday, the gang explored the Seattle sights: Aquarium, Pike Place Market, Pacific Science Center and Woodland Park Zoo. They got their share of ferry rides, almost missing one after a mad dash from the Aquarium. Eneko went on a separate tour of the city with the other Basque students visiting Gameworks, the EMP and the Columbia Tower.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

a day on the farm

Bjorn and I are down in Blodgett helping get ready for the wedding. My assignment was to paint the barn. Greg likes the old bright red barn color. He had a hard time convincing the salesman to sell him some. I stayed on the shady side and got a good start today. Bjorn and Jenny worked on pressure washing and staining the many decks and stairs on the grounds. After supper, Greg, Jenny, Bjorn and I played a round of disc golf on the course that is set up on the farm. It is a great course and the Bulthuis' showed the host Christensen's how to play their own course:)

Friday, July 06, 2007

sailing again - at last!

This is the latest of the season that I have ever waited to get the boat in the water. Part of the reason has been the busy schedule this spring, but the other reason is that I needed to do some repairs after last summer's mishap (demasting - check July 9,2006 in archives) I reattached the mast tabernacle and fixed the guilty stay. While I was at it, I also spruced up the boat, refinishing the woodwork, painting a blue stripe and insignia, and replacing the running rigging. Except for the sails, it looks like a new boat. I need a new outboard motor, and while I have one on order, I was too impatient to wait for it. I launched the boat at Manchester this morning hoping for fair winds. The first forty minutes were great with a steady gentle breeze. Then at about a mile from Southworth, the wind died completely. I drifted for almost two hours before the afternoon breeze pushed me into the mooring. It feels good to have the boat in the water. It won't get much use this weekend though as I will be down in Blodgett helping to get the grounds ready for the wedding.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hurricane Ridge on the Fourth

the hikers
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In an attempt to absorb the warm fourth of July in Washington, we drove up to Hurricane Ridge and hiked Hurricane Hill. As we enjoyed the beautiful alpine setting and panaramic views, we wondered why we didn't come here more often. Eneko seemed to enjoy the mountains and he told us about his father's adventure of hiking through the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain. We capped off the day with watching the Port Orchard fireworks from the Olson's house above the city.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Norway or bust

Norway or bust
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The big day has arrived for the cousins to fly to Norway. Zach and Mikal arrived at our house late last night; and this morning, Esther brought the three boys to the airport. I suggested a three hour prior to departure but the website said two hours for international flights. They should have gone with the three. They barely made it on the plane, after two hours of lines and nail-biting. They have a nine hour flight to Amsterdam before a connection to Stavanger. We are a bit jealous of their adventure. This afternoon, Calvin, Eneko and I invited another family hosting a Basque student to join us in disc golf at Dailiwood. They were all rookies, but did very well.