Monday, October 31, 2005

trick or treat wannabees

Some friends of Markus came over tonight and started pulling out childhood costumes of Bulthuis fame. They left the house to terrorize the town with their horrifying attire. We had our traditional pigs in a blanket and chili for supper. Then sent the boys off while we kept the gas fireplace running and the front door solicitors happy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blasphemy or Evangelism?

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This is a replacement lanyard for the iPod shuffle available from iBelieve for $13. There's a 'biblical' quote on the website, taken from "2 Jobs 3:15." It reads: "But now bring me a man who plays music. And when the man played music, the groove came upon them." (i.e. 2 Kings 3:15) The designer was asked if it was genuinely Christian, or a comment on the popularity of ipods. He replied: "It is both. People will see what they want in it. They may want to visibly show their faith in a more fashionable way. The intertwined meaning is what is interesting. I think we are obsessed with objects today and none more than maybe the iPod. The idea was too funny, controversial, sad, not to visualize." While it borders on sacreligious, I can see someone using it to get people into a conversation about Jesus. By the way, I had my hands on the new iPod Video today. Wow! the picture quality is amazing! But such a tiny screen.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fading memory

mom at Silver Lake
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The human brain is a wonderful and complex creation of God. Just consider all of the tasks that it performs in a day: all of the memory it carries, not to mention the affective activity of volition and emotion, Yet, it is fragile. An injury or tumor can totally change a person's life. Recently, my mother was given a preliminary diagnosis of Alzheimer's. There is no doubt that her memory is slowly fading. Having watched Esther's mother suffer from Alzheimer's for eight years, we know the sadness and strain that it puts on a family. As I watch my mother slowly begin a similar journey, I am reminded again of the subtle cruelty of this disease. Mom will face it courageously and with dependence on her Lord. On Friday, my sister, Susan took mom to some of her favorite recreational sites. I like this picture at Silver Lake because it seems to reflect what's happening to her.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

October Sailing

I had planned to spend most of the day getting the boat out of the water, but the conditions were just too tempting to pass up a sail. Since there was a nice breeze out of the southwest, I headed down Colvos Passage. It is always hard to make much progress at the north end of the passage, as the current is pretty strong. Eventually I made southward progress and enjoyed a sack lunch before heading back. Since my keel winch is broken, I tried to retract it using the 'grounding' method close to the beach; but it didn't work. Plan B is going to be an attempt to replace the winch at anchor. I need to retract it before I can get it on my trailer and out of the water for the winter.
On a different note, our friend, neighbor and music pastor, Steve DeKorte is very ill. They can't seem to identify the problem. He spent last night in the hospital and they ran several tests; but as of yet, they don't have a diagnosis. Please pray for him and his family.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Misplaced Innovation

video iPod
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Sometimes I think that Apple has forgotten that it is a computer company. I am using a five year old iBook and don't feel like Apple has produced a significant laptop to compel me to upgrade. On the other hand, in the same amount of time, Apple has released atleast ten versions of the iPod. I jumped on board with an iPod mini about two years ago and I already feel like it's outdated! The newest release (Tuesday) is the much anticipated video iPod. While watching a movie on a 2 inch screen seems ridiculous, Apple has tried to highlight a more appropriate use of portable video. With their latest version of iTunes you can download TV shows, video podcasts and short movies. It will be interesting to see if this catches on. SInce downloading iTunes 6 this week, I have discovered the pleasure of viewing video podcasts, which are basically short video broadcasts on a variety of subjects. If my daily routines didn't place me next to a computer all the time, I would probably be very tempted to buy a video iPod. While I don't blame it for riding the wave of success with the iPod, I can only hope that Apple will put it's creative genius back into computers soon.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The mystery of a woman's soul

I am leading a study of this book in our parenting teens Sunday School class. The book is very thought-provoking and we have a lot of great discussions. So you're asking: what is a father of three sons doing teaching about fathering girls? To put you at ease, I'm just the facilitator of a discussion group. What's really ironic is that the authors' don't have daughters either! This is the woman's counterpart to the men's book: "Wild at Heart" The authors postulate that every woman's heart longs for three things: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty. They base this on social and cultural observations as well as on the creation account in Genesis. Whether you think that it is hogwash or revelation, the book makes for great contemplation and discussion.

What is that?

What is that?
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I thought antennas went out with black and white TV? Well, in an effort to economically experience high definition TV, I hoisted one of these ugly things on my roof. (the only house with one as far as I can see) Since we are situated directly across the water from Queen Ann Hill, reception is at a premium for the distance. It works great! We get about a dozen stations, six or so which are HD. Actually, the antenna is experiencing a new surge in popularity as more and more stations have a digital broadcasts. The nice thing about digital is that there is no 'snow' or fuzziness. You either get the signal or you don't. So dust off those antennas and join the Jones'.

'Kaysadila' feed

hungry teenage boys
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What's a man to do when seven hungry teenage boys show up at his door-- and his wife isn't home? Panic! Then heat up what frozen burritos you have left and shred up some cheese for some quesadillas. Esther is gone for the weekend to a conference: 'Women of Faith,' and the boys and I have had a fairly quiet weekend until Sunday afternoon rolled around. Church always gives the boys the opportunity to make connections with their friends. I value the friendships from church which all of our sons have made over the years. While they each have casual friends outside the church youth group, their closests friends have always been buddies from church. Empty refrigerators are a small price to pay for the social and spiritual stability of your children!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Super volleyball

Jr. High games
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Sometimes all you need is a slight variation to a common game to add a little excitement. On Wednesday evenings I help out with our church junior high youth group. This week we played blind vball with an exceptionally large ball. The teams couldn't see eachother because of a makeshift wall, which added to the fun. We have been having a great turnout of about 45 kids each week. While I enjoy the evening of interaction with this high energy group, I'm thankful for my elementary classroom! Hats off to junior high teachers.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Carrie's Classic

piano - family heirloom
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This past weekend we moved this piano from Esther's parent's house to our living room. Much to my chagrin, Esther insisted that this heirloom be transported and installed in our house. No one in our family plays the piano, but Esther would like it to stay in the family. It was Esther's grandmother's (Carrie) piano. She was a piano teacher and it was her intention that her only granddaughter should take possession of it someday. In order to move it, we rented a Uhaul trailer and arranged for masses of teenage boys at both ends. The toughest part was going down the steps to the living room. I'm hoping that it will stay here a LONG time.

A visit to Langley

Bjorn's dinky room
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We spent Sunday in Canada with Bjorn and Jenny. We got to see Bjorn's new living arrangements. He lives with four other guys from Trinity. It is a four 'bedroom' apartment on top of some commercial property. Bjorn's room is really small, but he loves it. He found a loft bed and is using a small fold down desk that he got from Esther's folk's house. We also saw Jenny's apartment, which is in downtown Fort Langley. It is a very unique living quarters behind a restaurant. It is very handy as there are a lot of amenities just a short walk away. We spent a couple of hours enjoying the shops and setting of Fort Langley. We were almost envious of those 'college days.'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dinner with mom

We came up to Lynden last night and I rented a Uhaul trailer this morning. Markus and a bunch of his friends came up separately to visit a friend at Western. So they all came over to the Eide compound for brunch. John grilled pancakes on the outdoor grill. In the afternoon, we went over to see mom and take her out for dinner. We took a drive to Blaine and ate at an Italian restaurant. She seems to be doing well. It's funny how she enjoys talking so much, after being out-talked by dad for 50 years.