Monday, October 03, 2005

A visit to Langley

Bjorn's dinky room
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
We spent Sunday in Canada with Bjorn and Jenny. We got to see Bjorn's new living arrangements. He lives with four other guys from Trinity. It is a four 'bedroom' apartment on top of some commercial property. Bjorn's room is really small, but he loves it. He found a loft bed and is using a small fold down desk that he got from Esther's folk's house. We also saw Jenny's apartment, which is in downtown Fort Langley. It is a very unique living quarters behind a restaurant. It is very handy as there are a lot of amenities just a short walk away. We spent a couple of hours enjoying the shops and setting of Fort Langley. We were almost envious of those 'college days.'

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