Monday, October 03, 2005

Carrie's Classic

piano - family heirloom
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This past weekend we moved this piano from Esther's parent's house to our living room. Much to my chagrin, Esther insisted that this heirloom be transported and installed in our house. No one in our family plays the piano, but Esther would like it to stay in the family. It was Esther's grandmother's (Carrie) piano. She was a piano teacher and it was her intention that her only granddaughter should take possession of it someday. In order to move it, we rented a Uhaul trailer and arranged for masses of teenage boys at both ends. The toughest part was going down the steps to the living room. I'm hoping that it will stay here a LONG time.

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Malcolm said...

I have an old piano, too. It's hard to maintain in the tropical climate where I live. Mine is exactly 100 years old this year, if you are interested you may be able to find the age of yours, google the maker's name and see what you get.