Friday, June 29, 2012

Sassa in Seattle

space needle by Southworth Sailor
space needle, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Yesterday morning we picked up Sassa (Sayaka Maruyama) from the airport after her ten hour flight from Tokyo. Since we were in Seattle, we decided to take in some sights. The weather was great in the morning, but gradually deteriorated as the day wore on. Calvin and Sassa went up the space needle. Then we visited gasworks park, University of Washington and Ballard Locks. We ended the day with dinner with Markus and Steph at Buca de Beppo. We look forward to a week with Sassa before Esther and I take off for Hawaii.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Calvin is Home!

Calvin is Home! by Southworth Sailor
Calvin is Home!, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

After ten long months in Japan, Calvin is back home. Ellen, Markus, Nick and I met him at the airport. Esther was sad she couldn't join us, but she was at a weekend getaway with High School friends. Calvin's first American meal was a black and blue burger at BJs. We need to fatten him up a little this summer. The next few days he will be busy reuniting with friends and catching up on sleep.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A new car for the Southworth fleet

It's been twelve years since I purchased my used Toyota pickup, and fourteen years since we purchased our new Toyota Sienna van. Neither vehicle is showing signs of death despite 265k on the van and 225k on the truck. Both still have valuable utility in our lives, but we wanted something with better gas mileage. I have long wanted something a little sportier than a truck and a van, and have been known to enjoy 'borrowing' my sons' cars, so that I can drive a stick shift. After a couple of months of searching the Puget Sound and beyond (five trips to Bellevue, three trips to Lynnwood and a trip to Portland), we think that we found a car with which we are both happy. As could be expected, I was pushing the midlife sports car button and Esther was turning the practical and comfort knobs. The Scion tC seemed to meet both of our requirements. The one we settled on is a 2005 with 105k in great condition. If this Toyota serves as well as the last two, it will be with us for at least a decade.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

back at the helm for another season

There is a peculiar sailing phemonenon at the mouth of Colvos Passage (Southworth and Vashon's north end). The current in Colvos Passage almost always flows north, regardless of tidal changes. Sometimes the current is stronger than others. The effect of this current on a small sailboat in light winds is somewhat comical. I can sail through the water at three or four knots and make no progress down the channel. Such were the conditions on my recent voyage down Colvos Passage. I eventually had enough wind to produce enough speed to make progress. A two hour upwind tack was followed by a quick 30 minute return trip. Such are the challenges and joys of sailing in the Puget Sound.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

birthday biking in the Rose City

biking in Portland by Southworth Sailor
biking in Portland, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Wednesday was my birthday. Esther and I both took personal days and we took a little trip to Portland. It was the only dry day of the week. We brought our bikes along in case a certain car hunting expedition failed (which it did). The city was in preparation for this weekend's Rose Festival. We enjoyed biking along the river, exploring the Rose Garden and a little shopping.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Let summer begin!

This weekend I set the mooring and put my sailboat in the water for the summer sailing season. It is always a good feeling to have this task completed. Now a sailing is just a half hour away at any time - walk down to the canoe, paddle 50 yards, hoist the sails and enjoy. As July is stacking up to be a busy month, I'm going to have to get in some evening sails this month.

Will and Missy Bleigh

Missy and Will by Southworth Sailor
Missy and Will, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Great wedding yesterday. Missy Manning got married to Will Bleich at Kitsap Memorial Park. The weather didn't look too promising and we passed through a downpour on the way to the wedding, but the party was spared. As the afternoon progressed, the weather improved. The wedding was particularly emotional as brother Jeff walked Missy up the aisle and helped 'give her away.' The reception was great and since all the Bulthuis' were there including Ada and Ruby, we were able to share some family time afterward before everyone went home.