Sunday, June 10, 2012

back at the helm for another season

There is a peculiar sailing phemonenon at the mouth of Colvos Passage (Southworth and Vashon's north end). The current in Colvos Passage almost always flows north, regardless of tidal changes. Sometimes the current is stronger than others. The effect of this current on a small sailboat in light winds is somewhat comical. I can sail through the water at three or four knots and make no progress down the channel. Such were the conditions on my recent voyage down Colvos Passage. I eventually had enough wind to produce enough speed to make progress. A two hour upwind tack was followed by a quick 30 minute return trip. Such are the challenges and joys of sailing in the Puget Sound.

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Lucas Larson said...

Man, I miss sailing! Hope you guys are doing great!!!!