Monday, April 30, 2007

Congratulations, Bjorn

the proud graduate
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This past weekend was a busy one. It began with moving Bjorn's stuff to Lynden in the pouring rain in an open bed pickup (not fun!) Friday evening was a nice baccalaureate service in Trinity’s gym with all graduates and faculty. Bjorn’s actual graduation on Saturday was one of three separate ceremonies. They were divided by academic departments so we didn’t see Jenny walk. Bjorn received a bachelor of science degree in computing science and Jenny received a bachelor of arts in Christianity and culture. We ended the day with a graduation party at Homestead restaurant in Lynden. Then on Sunday, Jenny brought her family over to Lynden to meet the Eide half of Bjorn’s family. Last, it was over to Aaron and Jenn’s for a birthday party for mom, as well as a baptism party for Dylan (Aaron and Jenn’s baby) By the time we got home at midnight, we were partied out, though not exactly raring to start a week of work.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surviving the Island of Grace

I recently came across this book in the used section of the Armchair Sailor bookstore in Seattle. It was written by a college classmate of ours. There weren’t very many married couples at Cedarville, so we quickly got to know she and her husband, Duncan. There is one interesting connection to Duncan. He was inadvertently responsible for us attending Cedarville College. He happened to be flying to Ohio from Alaska one year and sat next to my dad, who flying to Chicago. Dad was impressed with this ‘Calvinistic’ Baptist young man. That set us on a course to drive across country and attend Cedarville, sight unseen. The book by Leslie is a well written memoir of her journey of transition from a New England teenager to summer set gillnetting fisher on a remote island off from Kodiak, Alaska. For thirty summers, she and Duncan have returned to the Shelikof Strait to set nets and pick salmon for endless hours in harsh conditions. Leslie tells her story with skill and candor, as she relates her struggles to adapt to a life of near solitude and primitivity.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

the bridal tea party

the toast
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Esther reported that the bridal tea party was a success. Jenny's college friends came down to Lynden, where Marti and Esther hosted the event. Three courses of delectable goodies kept the girls smiling. After a TP wedding dress competition, the future bride was pampered with gifts. The party moved to the patio for games and a toast. The event was one of the final activities for these college friends of four years.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pete's Auto Body

new fender flare
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For about two years I have had these fender flares bookmarked on the internet as part of a facelift for my aging truck. Since the truck is parked this month while I break in the Tercel, I decided to order the flares. Esther is up in Lynden this weekend, so I took the opportunity to play auto body shop. I was pretty impressed with myself. It was actually more work taking the old trim off than putting on the new. I haven't decided whether to put mudflaps on or not. I finished the job just in time before the rain came. I am anxious to hear how Jenny's bridal shower went. I sent a camera with Esther, so we'll see if she comes back with photos.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

southworth in watercolors

A couple of months ago, we noticed in a ferry newsletter that the Washington State Ferry poster for this year was a water color of Southworth. We were quick to note that both of our houses were included in the painting. We had been planning to purchase one of the posters before the end of the season. Yesterday our neighbor Howard came over and said that he had an extra one to sell us. We jumped on it. The artist is Alex Young. Since 1984, he has been painting all 20 of the WSF terminals. Southworth is the final one. Here's what the artist says about Southworth: "I think Southworth still looks like a rural area. It's not filled up, like Fauntleroy or Edmonds, where you have a lot of buildings in the background. It's one of the few that's still in such a nice setting." - I would concur to that! If you take a close-up look at the painting in the link to the left, you will see that the artist has hidden all of the names of his grandchildren in the painting. We are going to have to frame this one as a keepsake.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter dinner at the Eide compound

On our way home today, we stopped at John and Kay's for a great outdoor Easter dinner. The rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy ham, potatoes, salad and crossants. The deLacys got the chance to see the Eide compound, and we got to meet the new Russian family on the Van Dyk Rd. It was a great conclusion to a wonderful week.

village walk

Part of the Whistler experience is strolling the village walk at night. Streets are filled with people and lights. Most conversations are in a foreign language. Bjorn and Jenny joined us for an afternoon of snowboarding and an evening village walk. We were fortunate with the weather. The morning we left it started to rain.

Friday, April 06, 2007

warm whistler wonderland

60 degrees with gloves, helmet and winter jacket. I need to do some laundry tonight! The weather was wonderful and the snow wasn't too bad considering the temperature. Sometimes we would hit a pocket of snow that felt like cement- almost doing a pitchpole. We rode Blackcomb today and enjoyed it very much. I did the glacier for the first time. The surroundings were awesome, but the ride wasn't all that special, especially when we got to the uphill cat tracks. We had enchiladas for supper and a balmy evening stroll in the village. Lest you think all the shops are overpriced, Tim and Josh found demo skis and bindings for $99.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

We are spending four days at Whistler with the deLacys. The whole party hit the slopes today. The weather was pretty good - calm, no rain, but maybe a little too warm. By afternoon, it was quite slushy. Ben had his first day on skiis and did exceptionally well. I don't understand why his father insists on passing on such an archaic sport to his sons. The condo is very comfortable, and is in the village. It's great to park the car and leave it alone for four days.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a visit from sister and mother

Ellen and mom
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Ellen is also on spring break from her teaching in Sacramento. She flew up to visit mom, and brought her down to Southworth for a visit. We had a couple of beautiful sunny days to enjoy our time together. Mom took a liking to Esther's 'puppy chow mix' (sweet snack), and we sent her off with a bag full. It's always fun to swap school stories with Ellen and hear the latest in the Burton saga. Tomorrow it is off to Whistler with the deLacys.