Saturday, April 14, 2007

southworth in watercolors

A couple of months ago, we noticed in a ferry newsletter that the Washington State Ferry poster for this year was a water color of Southworth. We were quick to note that both of our houses were included in the painting. We had been planning to purchase one of the posters before the end of the season. Yesterday our neighbor Howard came over and said that he had an extra one to sell us. We jumped on it. The artist is Alex Young. Since 1984, he has been painting all 20 of the WSF terminals. Southworth is the final one. Here's what the artist says about Southworth: "I think Southworth still looks like a rural area. It's not filled up, like Fauntleroy or Edmonds, where you have a lot of buildings in the background. It's one of the few that's still in such a nice setting." - I would concur to that! If you take a close-up look at the painting in the link to the left, you will see that the artist has hidden all of the names of his grandchildren in the painting. We are going to have to frame this one as a keepsake.

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