Monday, April 30, 2007

Congratulations, Bjorn

the proud graduate
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This past weekend was a busy one. It began with moving Bjorn's stuff to Lynden in the pouring rain in an open bed pickup (not fun!) Friday evening was a nice baccalaureate service in Trinity’s gym with all graduates and faculty. Bjorn’s actual graduation on Saturday was one of three separate ceremonies. They were divided by academic departments so we didn’t see Jenny walk. Bjorn received a bachelor of science degree in computing science and Jenny received a bachelor of arts in Christianity and culture. We ended the day with a graduation party at Homestead restaurant in Lynden. Then on Sunday, Jenny brought her family over to Lynden to meet the Eide half of Bjorn’s family. Last, it was over to Aaron and Jenn’s for a birthday party for mom, as well as a baptism party for Dylan (Aaron and Jenn’s baby) By the time we got home at midnight, we were partied out, though not exactly raring to start a week of work.

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