Friday, July 06, 2007

sailing again - at last!

This is the latest of the season that I have ever waited to get the boat in the water. Part of the reason has been the busy schedule this spring, but the other reason is that I needed to do some repairs after last summer's mishap (demasting - check July 9,2006 in archives) I reattached the mast tabernacle and fixed the guilty stay. While I was at it, I also spruced up the boat, refinishing the woodwork, painting a blue stripe and insignia, and replacing the running rigging. Except for the sails, it looks like a new boat. I need a new outboard motor, and while I have one on order, I was too impatient to wait for it. I launched the boat at Manchester this morning hoping for fair winds. The first forty minutes were great with a steady gentle breeze. Then at about a mile from Southworth, the wind died completely. I drifted for almost two hours before the afternoon breeze pushed me into the mooring. It feels good to have the boat in the water. It won't get much use this weekend though as I will be down in Blodgett helping to get the grounds ready for the wedding.

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