Friday, July 17, 2009

Ashland and Shakespeare

Crater Lake
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We had a great week in Southern Oregon. The performances at the Shakespeare Festival were great. I think that I enjoyed 'Much Ado About Nothing' a little better than 'Henry VIII' I understood more of the lines. But both were good. We had better seats for 'Much Ado'; so that may have made a difference. I feel like i just took a crash refresher course in Shakespeare and English history as I read a lot of background material this past week. The bummer of the trip was when Esther lost her camera in Ashland. She must have set it down somewhere in a shop. After scouring the town for an hour, we gave up. Consequently, we don't have any pictures of Ashland. The theater didn't allow any photography, so all our pictures were of the town. The weather was very hot; so it was uncomfortable during the day, but just right at 8:30 pm - show time. We managed to squeeze a disgolf game in one morning at a primitive course with poles and tin cans. On the way home, we went to Crater Lake which was beautiful. The temperature was just right and the lake was an amazing blue color. This weekend Markus and Calvin are both with friends, so Esther and I are alone.

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Jenny Built-house said...

bummer about Esther's camera. I bet she was pretty sad about losing it!