Saturday, July 11, 2009

ladies in lavender

My apologies for the interruption in blog service. You might have experienced difficulty accessing the site this week. My domain URL expired and Bjorn had to patch me up again.

Jenny and Ada have been in Southworth the last few days as there is a wedding nearby that Jenny and Bjorn are attending. Yesterday, we went to Sequim for an early lavender bash. (The festival isn't until next weekend.) I rode my bike on the discovery trail, while Jenny, Esther and Ada searched for blooming lavender. Ada did a great job of humoring her farmor by pretending that she enjoyed the lavender. She is growing so fast; she amazes her grandparents with her intelligence and athleticism. On a different note, Calvin returned from a week at Miracle Ranch where he was trained as a counselor. He will work at the camp for a couple of weeks this summer.

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