Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Hot Week in Lynden

Esther and I spent most of the hot spell this week in Lynden. It was quite eventful as Bjorn and Jenny celebrated their second anniversary and Esther her " !? "-second birthday. We got to spend a lot of time with Ada, even babysitting overnight as Bjorn and Jenny were at the cabin. I spent three days scraping, priming and painting the barge trim of the house and repairing a few window sills. On one hot afternoon, I was able to give my mom a ride to Birch Bay in our air conditioned van. Her apartment was very hot, but she wasn't complaining. We were also able to share some great meals with Mike and Marti and John and Kay. Brea was the only teenage/young adult on the compound as everyone else was gone. We made it home for Calvin's short break from camp duty on Saturday, celebrating his birthday a little late.

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