Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staying cool on the Sound

Alkai Point Light
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor
I spent a 'cool' day on the Puget Sound today. Esther and the boys went school clothes shopping and I enjoyed the day on my sailboat. The wind was brisk in the morning so I got an early start. I tacked up the Sound under a reefed mainsail as it was gusty. By noon, I raised it to full sail and got to really enjoy the stable windward ability of the boat. If it was a hot day, I didn't notice as I wore my sweatshirt most of the day. I cruised by Alkai Point and crossed Elliot Bay to Magnolia bluffs before turning around to ride the tide and wind back home. The wind died at the south end of Blake Island so I putted in the last half mile.

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