Saturday, August 29, 2009

Leaders Hike Mt. Townsend

Today Don and I took our classroom leaders on a hike. These students were with us last year and will also be with us this year. They are chosen for their proven responsibility and cooperativeness. They will help us manage the 60 fourth and fifth graders in our classroom this year. We climbed Mt. Townsend on the north end of the Olympics. It is a formidable hike for these kids and they all made it. It is four steep miles up to the top (3000 ft.), and four more aching miles back to the trailhead. The morning weather didn't look very promising, but it was partially sunny by the time we were at the trailhead and we had sun the whole trip. We are looking forward to a great year with these leaders.


Don Moore said...

You are oh so quick on getting the blogging done. I wasn't even home yet and this was already posted.

Unknown said...

Hi mr . Buthius its Maverick Ryan This reminds me of how long Ago my leaders hike was time has passed quick and i cant help but hate it.You and mr moore were great influences in my life and im sure many other students lifes. As you may have heard i am attending a private junior high school Newly dubbed "Crosspoint academy" Best wishes For classes to come.

IMA allumni,
Maverick Ryan