Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Calvin is off

On Saturday, Calvin embarked on his college voyage aboard the Trinity Western vessel. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday in various orientation meetings. Calvin is excited to be in the international dorm. He has a Chinese roommate and is surrounded by students from a variety of countries. Esther and I were again impressed with how great an institution Trinity Western has become. The school is quickly distinguishing itself among Canadian Universities and maintains a strong evangelical perspective. Seeing our last child off to college is one of life's big transitions, and Esther did not survive it without shedding some tears. We spent the remainder of the Labor Day weekend with family in Lynden. My siblings and I made the painful decision to move my mother to the next level of care. It is hard to watch her continual mental confusion and uncharacteristic aggressive behavior. Monday was spent with the Eide clan at the cabin. We were able to get our granddaughter fix before starting back to school.

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