Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gray Saturday

The dismal rain of Saturday morning reflected the mood of Greenwood. After a joyful family Thanksgiving, the inevitable death of a long-loved pony hung over the compound like the drizzly clouds. 'Little Bit' was given to Marika twelve years ago. Little did we know that his presence would spark an equestrian explosion on the Eide compound. It wasn't long before Little Bit's hooves could not compete with Marika's riding fever. More proficient horses were added to the family, but Little Bit held prominence in the affections of his owner. He was lovingly cared for in his retirement. At thirty-eight, he had outlived many of his peers, and had a good life, as ponies go. But time had taken it's toll on Little Bit's hooves and his feet were in constant pain. It was an agonizing family decision to put him out of his misery. Before the vet put him to sleep, it was decided that Ada needed to have her first 'horse ride'. She was all over the hairy mane and was not her usual photogenic self. After the grim deed was done, we consoled ourselves with a family trip to Ikea and a 3D Imax experience of 'A Christmas Carol' On the brighter side of the weekend, there were hours of good family time and visits with the Kangs, Peakes and Haehnels.

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