Monday, November 02, 2009

Grandma Shower

Esther was given a few surprises this weekend. Her friends had planned a surprise 'grandma shower' on Sunday, with Ada and Jenny coming for an unannounced visit. But as the time approached, the thought of only seeing Ada and Jenny for a couple of hours seemed too much to bear; so on Saturday, Bjorn, Jenny and Ada came for an 'unplanned' visit. The shower was a big surprise for 'Farmor,' and she had a blast as they told stories and presented gifts for grandma's stock pile of granddaughter equipment. Meanwhile, as the ladies partied, Bjorn helped me haul out my boat and mooring system for the winter. We had a beautiful afternoon for our endeavor on the water, and were successful on all accounts.


Jill Vonier said...

Such a good picture of Ada! Happy to hear it went well :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun. Love the picture of Ada. Sue

Kim Ness said...

The shower was so much fun! Loved Esther's surprised expression. The picture of Ada is so adorable. She is such a cutie!