Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Calvin's College Choice

The above title is a little ironic as Calvin's best friend Josh has made a 'Calvin College choice.' Calvin Bulthuis has made his decision for college next year. He 'threw a curve ball' at us in the last couple of weeks. Though he had not applied earlier to TWU, as he had to Westmont, Biola and Gordon, it was a school that he was considering. With sights still set on International Christian University - Japan in 2010, Calvin feels that a year at Trinity would be a good introduction to the college experience. The school has an emphasis in linguistics and a strong international feel compared to the other colleges he has considered. We of course are thrilled as he will be close to home and able to touch base with Bjorn on campus and the Lynden clan whenever he wants. Trinity is a great school and if Calvin's Japan plans change, he is in a great place to make other choices.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is quite a curve ball! But I think it is a good choice---get a year of college behind him before he tackles an overseas adventure.