Monday, October 26, 2009

moving mom

Dealing with the transitions of aging parents is one of those inevitables of life that is neither enjoyable nor easy. This past weekend my siblings and I joined hands and moved my confused mother to an apartment with greater assistance. Though her body is as strong as an ox, her mind is weak, and she has become a threat to others as well as herself. Her new home will provide her with increasing care as she slips slowly away. It is a pathetic reality that loved ones must helplessly stand by and watch. There are some comforts that accompany this condition. The simple things of life bring great pleasure: a peppermint candy or a ride in the country bring raving accolades – “I love this” or “I am so thankful.” Mom is also quite vocal about her faith and reports visits from Jesus. Her devotional, always turned to the correct date, must be read dozens of times a day, each time a fresh experience. Though the weekend was difficult, it was enjoyable to spend time with both of our families as well as Calvin. Esther had the unexpected opportunity to get together with her high school friends.

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