Monday, May 28, 2007

Family Day

Since Markus and Bjorn were both home today (Memorial Day), we decided to have a 'family day'. Instead of staying home and each doing our own thing, we opted for a local excursion of the penisula. We started off with some disc golf at NAD Park, and then went downtown Bremerton to check out the new fountain park. It is really a cool little park. The fountain stacks are shaped like submarine turrets and they sporadically spout like whales. The rocks are uniquely carved out and polished to provide warm places to lay down. The landscaping is very nice as well. Next, we went to Port Townsend, a favorite spot for both Esther and I. After browsing the shops and the marina, we enjoyed ice cream cones on the waterfront. Then it was off to Fort Worden and Port Hadlock. We finished up with supper in Silverdale. A good family day.

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