Monday, May 28, 2007

On the edge of the plunge

Aging has a way of sneaking up on a person. It often seems most evident when you get together with 'old' friends whom you don't see that often. Simple deduction leads one to the realization that if they are old, then you are old too! This past weekend we went to Whatcom County and spent some time with the Mulders and Vissers, who were very close to us in our early years of marriage. Mulders came from Montana and Vissers live in Belingham. It was great catching up on eachother's lives as well as that of our children. Of the six of us gathered, five of us will turn 50 this summer. Fortunately, none of us are grandparents yet, but the conversation did include retirement and midlife crisis toys. No Harley fans here, but Dan is going to trade his horses in for a Mazda Miata! We had a busy couple of days visiting other friends and family in Lynden. Today will be spent enjoying our immediate family as all three boys are home.

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