Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a sea of students

a sea of students
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This school year has gotten off to a great start. The school climate is filled with positive anticipation on account of our new principal. We have a large class (59), but we are enjoying it. We don't seem to have a usual cadre of behavior problems. Having returning students who help with classroom management is a real advantage. Our students did relatively well on their WASL scores last spring, so we are feeling pretty confident. (Beware! "Pride cometh before the fall") The district is implementing new writing and reading curriculums this year, so these two old veterans have to do things a little different. That's good, because it keeps us sharp and falling into a rut.
On a completely different subject, we received a message from our sister church in Haiti. They are suffering much because of the hurricanes: homes and crops destroyed. The road is cut off to incoming supplies. Our church is working with RMI to get rice, beans and oil to the church. Hopefully, the road will be repaired soon, though these things don't happen quickly in Haiti.

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