Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ready for new tenants

The last couple of months have been consumed with fixing up our former residence for new renters. Seven years of negligent renters and pets left the place in sad shape. We totally resurfaced the inside of the house. All walls and ceilings were painted. All sills, trim, wood floors, baseboards and some cabinets were refinished. All the carpet and vinyl was replaced. It feels like a new house and looks inviting to move back into. Needless to say, all spare time not at work was spent working on the house. It is finally complete! The new renter moved in today with the help of her church small group. We are excited to have Tracey Robinson and her children, Ryan and Emily in our house. Tracey comes with several strong recommendations from friends that we trust. We are optimistic that it will be a good situation. The only thing that made it easy to work at the rental and miss out on spring boat preparations was the lousy weather that we have had the past two months. Now that I can enjoy it, I hope the weather finally turns.!

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