Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mother's Music

Playing Hymns
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
There are few things that mom enjoys as much as playing hymns on the piano. She and Ellen stayed with us a couple of nights; and it wasn't long before mom was drawn to the antique piano of Esther's grandma that I begrudgingly hauled down to Southworth last summer. She played song after song, slowly working her way through a hymnal. I was amazed at how gracefully she played each song. At home, she has a small electric keyboard, so she relished the rich sound of a seasoned piano. Her enjoyment of the instrument made me appreciate the presence of 'the beast' a little more. It was great having my sister Ellen and mom over for a few days. With two trips to SeaTac and one to Marysville yesterday, we said goodbye to mom, Ellen and Corbin. We had a surprise meeting with Bjorn and friends in Marysville as they were on their way down to Tacoma for a concert. We are having a quiet Easter at home today.

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