Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's this? another mac?

I've been waiting to upgrade for almost a year. My iBook is five years old and feeling a little slow and behind the times. When the MacBook Pro came out, I was really tempted, but Bjorn urged me to be patient. I'm glad I did. This seems to be just the ticket. I was tempted to buy the black one because I've had 'snow white' for the last five years. But being a true Dutchman, I couldn't dish out the extra $150 just for the color. I upgraded the RAM to 1 gig and the hard drive to 80, so the configuration is the same as the black one. Bjorn helped me transfer the data off from my old iBook, so I am up and running. It is lightning fast compared to my old one. I am getting acquainted with the larger screen and raised keys and enjoying the new features. I have found one negative so far and that is that it gets really hot on the lap compared to my old G3 iBook. It's a good thing my child producing days are over!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HA! That last line of your blog is begging for some type of comment...

This could be a new Vatican approved birth control method. There's the rythym method and now the new 1 gig Mac-Lap-Attack.

You haven't heard the end of this one. TG