Thursday, June 01, 2006

three boys set out to sea

On Monday, while we were spending a family day in Seattle, three of Markus' friends decided to embark on a nautical adventure. They built a raft of driftwood and set sail for Blake Island. Then with two paddles and a pair of flippers, they were off. A ferry came over to investigate the odd sight. One detail that they failed to consider was the amount of daylight to complete their adventure. By the time we came home at nine o'clock they had made it to the island and were wise enough not to try to return in the dark. Using a ranger's cell phone they contacted us for a ride back home. Despite Bjorn's urging to let them rough out the night, Markus and I took the sailboat over to the island to retrieve them.
Thor Heyerdahl on Kon Tiki
Thor Heyerdahl look out!

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