Friday, July 28, 2006

Port Townsend surprise

I took the day off from deck-building and Esther and I went to Port Townsend (a favorite get away for us) Esther checks out the shops and I check out the marinas. Well it just happened as I was walking through Point Hudson marina, that I recognized Lin and Larry Pardey. They don't know me from Adam, but I have read many of their books about world cruising. They have basically spent their entire adult lives cruising the world in a small sailboat. They currently live in New Zealand and just happened to be in PT visiting old friends. I pulled one of my father's moves and introduced myself and asked for a picture. They right away asked about my sailing and were ready to engage me in a long conversation, but I felt like I had intruded on their visit with a friend, and so politely thanked them for pandering to a long time fan. Esther and I ended the day with a thorough drive of Marrowstone Island and dinner at a very funky restaurant in Port Hadlock called the Ajax Cafe.

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