Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chillin' on Mt. Townsend

Summit of Mt. Townsend
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
Today Don and I took our classroom leaders on a hike to the summit of Mt. Townsend. On a clear day you can see from Victoria, BC to Mt. Rainier. On a cloudy day, you can't see twenty yards. We did get short glimpses of the valley, but we froze on the ridge. There was evidence of snow last night, and ice pellets would occasionally bombard us. The students did great, hiking the 3000 ft. in four miles to the 6200 ft. summit. These student leaders help us with the classroom management of our fifty plus students. They are each responsible for three or four other students, keeping them focused and on task. It's fun to honor them by taking them on a special event.

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