Friday, November 24, 2006

have turkey, will travel

My siblings and their children battled the Puget Sound traffic to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. The delay of bridge traffic for my siblings was matched by a power outage in Southworth. The power went out at about 11, so we started hauling the turkey and other dishes up to the church kitchen. By the time that all the dishes were settled in the ovens, the power came back on at home, and it was time to haul all the food back home. Now Esther has a Turkey story to share. Dinner was a little late, but very delicious. Jon, Angie and baby West arrived midway through the meal. It was great to see everyone. Mike, Sarah and Annika interrupted their house moving to join us for the day as well. We introduced everyone to the joys of Wii sports. Ellen will stay a couple of days with us before heading back to Sacramento.

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