Saturday, February 03, 2007

a new lense to capture life

new camera
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
Five years seems to be the critical point for me to upgrade my technological toys - excuse me, TOOLS! It was five years between my iBook and my MacBook. And it was five years ago that I entered the digital photo world with my Canon Powershot S110. Yesterday, I purchased a Canon Powershot S3 IS for the exact same price as the S110. I debated long and hard whether to get another compact click and shoot or the bulkier feature rich camera. I have really enjoyed the convenience of the pocket camera, but have been frustrated with it's lack of perfomance, particularly in low-light and indoor settings. I reasoned that I could still use my small camera, when on the dash; but utilize the more powerful S3 when I wanted to do more serious photograhy. The new S3 has a 12x optical zoom and strong image stabilizing features. Stay tuned for hopefully better pictures on this blog.

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