Monday, September 17, 2007

Thirty years ago

Thirty years ago
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Thirty years ago two children embarked on an adventure into the great unknown. With two years of college under their belt, they spent their honeymoon checking out prospective colleges on the west coast. Finding none to their very finicky needs, they enrolled in a midwest college, and worked the fall quarter. The young man kept his hammer swinging and the young lady facilitated the serving of fine cuisine at a Mr. Steak. The 500 sq. ft. studio apartment provided all the space that this newlywed couple needed. Thirty years has brought numerous adventures and many, many blessings. If they are fortunate, good health and more adventures will bring them another thirty years.

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KJ said...

Oh man! Anyone can tell that couple is too young to be getting married! "The Folks" celebrated their 58th on the second. They got married too young too!