Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cruz the Blues

Once again the Eide clan took the annual pilgrimage to Big White Ski Resort for Presidents Day weekend. We missed Zachary and Kelsea this year as they are in Colorado and Hawaii, respectively. The weather was very clear and the snow conditions were good for the most part. We spent much of the time on the slopes getting our passports stamps on different runs. Every year the resort puts on a 'cruz the blues' activity where you can see how many intermediate slopes (blues) that you can ski in the weekend. There are about 35 blue runs in the resort. It is somewhat like a treasure hunt. The whole group got into the game. We even took a passport for the non-skiier. Bjorn got the most for our group with 30 stamps. At the end of the weekend, there is a party and they give everyone Tshirts and door prizes. The activity gives some direcction to the days on the slopes. In the evenings, we ate, talked, played games and watched movies.

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