Friday, April 25, 2008

woes of WASL weeks

My apologies to readers for my lack of blog material the past few weeks. I think that I was burned out of blogging for a while after the trip. Life seemed so routine and uneventful. Also a little depressing with the lousy weather. The past few weeks of school have been dominated with WASL testing. Our fifth graders had eight days of testing. Each section of the test usually takes an hour or less for the students to complete, but the state only allows us to administer one section a day. Our fifth graders take tests in math, reading and science. our fourth graders take them in math, reading and writing. The writing and science test are definitely the most difficult. Though many of the questions seem subjective, the scorers are very particular in what they expect students to produce. Next week will begin the task of motivating the students to further learning as they tend to let up after the pressure of WASL testing.

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