Monday, May 19, 2008

Makah Munchkins

Shi Shi Beach
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I feel like I missed the Saturday scorcher in Puget Sound. But I'm not complaining, because we had a great time in Neah Bay with the students and some of their parents. Our annual trip to the Northwest tip of Washington was once again blessed by nice weather. Saturday, which holds the bulk of our activity was sunny, though not extremely warm. It didn't stop the kids from enjoying the water. No low tides this year to explore tide pools; but there was a heavy surf, which enhanced the spectacular setting of Shi Shi Beach. (which was accessed by a three-mile muddy trail) Our campsite was at Hobouck Beach which is much flatter and more conducive to beach games. Sunday morning brought in a cold fog which chased the kids to a campfire while they waited for their bacon, eggs and pancakes. Then it was off to Cape Flattery with it's fog shrouded cliffs and caves. We topped the trip off with a visit to the Makah museum which so tastefully depicts the ancient culture of these 'people of the Cape.'

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Sydnie said...

Hey its me sydnie that was a muddy hike but I had fun,I am glad I went.

Your old student,

Sydnie Griggs